Life In Pictures: A Whole Lot of Santas


As you can probably tell by the large amount of red suits, large fluffy white beards, and festive jumpers in this Life in Pictures, we are well and truly ready for Christmas. And by that, I don’t mean “I’ve actually finished the shopping and written cards” sort of ready, more that we’re enjoying the festivities with the little ones. Harper is definitely at the age where Christmas is magical for her. She’s taken to wearing tinsel like a chic scarf and is really trying her hardest to be good at all times.

santa5 santa4

We took the kids to meet Father Christmas at our local garden centre. It’s not the most glamorous of locations but we’ve been there for the past three years so it feels like a little tradition now. Harper was so shy when she walked in, which if you knew her you’d know was most unusual. But by the end she was ready to give him a hug, which hasn’t happened before!


Grayson on the other hand was having none of it. He clearly wasn’t fooled by the beard and took one look around the grotto, said “away beard!” and shook his head. I finally managed to get him on my knee by sitting myself on Santa’s knee, but that didn’t impress Grayson either (or Santa, come to think of it)! Oh well, there’s always next year!

img_5110 img_5029

We wrote and posted our letters to Santa the day after seeing him, as Harper wanted to make sure he’d remember that she’d asked for a Barbie, as Amelie has one. We took the same photo at the same postbox last year and back then she could hardly jump up to post the letter – this time she barely needed to go on tip-toes. Grayson tried a few times, dropped it on the floor and wandered off in search of a biscuit.

santa dash brighton - little button diaries

Every year, Brighton has a 5km Santa run along the seafront, which I’ve entered before, but this was the first year Harper wanted to join in too. She took part in the children’s dash (everyone got a medal) and then I took Grayson in the buggy and did the 5km. It was a lot of fun! Grayson seemed totally unfazed by the 600-plus Santas dashing past us and was only interested in pointing out the yellow beach huts and telling me to take my beard off, which I gladly did. Running even two minutes in one of those suits makes you a boiling hot mess!

santa dash brighton - little button diaries santa dash brighton - little button diaries santa dash brighton - little button diaries santa dash brighton - little button diaries

As we’ve been a little late to the ‘get your tree up’ party this year we decided we’d make it a bit of an occasion and go to Wilderness Woods to pick up a little tree. If you’re in East Sussex take a trip down there as it’s beautiful and has an impressive selection of cakes (apologies if I sound like Trip Advisor). We had probably the loveliest day so far this Winter, even if it took us 2 hours and 3 minutes to leave the house.

wilderness woods - little button diaries wilderness woods - little button diaries

I’ve been having a pre-Christmas house clear-out and came across this little Polaroid camera and a bunch of film that I was all ready to eBay until Harper took one look at it and claimed it. She took it out for the day and thrived on taking pictures of random things such as a boy on a zip wire and the sugar bowl in the cafe. She did, however, take a photo of each of us where we’re in the shot and looking at the camera. She’s already better at photography than me then!

wilderness woods - little button diaries wilderness woods - little button diaries wilderness woods - little button diaries

We spent a long time in the woods wandering around before going to pick a tree. Harper decided to be group leader and barked marching orders around the woods. And yes, before you ask, we got totally lost and went way off-track but it was fun! We then went to get a tree that was Harper-sized.

wilderness woods - little button diaries

December so far has been about doing the little family traditions we started over the past few years and beginning new ones. We’ve still got to watch Elf at least 543 times before Christmas Day, and buy and then quickly demolish a tin of Quality Street. I think these are good goals for the week!

~ Laura xx ~