Christmas Hand Puppets


Nine sleeps people. NINE SLEEPS!!! If you’re anything like us, this knowledge will fill you with a mixture of dread and delight. All rolled up into one happy bauble. So you probably don’t have a lot of time for crafting right now, but we thought we’d slot in one more because these little festive puppets don’t take long and will make little hands very happy. The lovely folks over at Brother Sewing asked us to make something that kids would love at Christmas, so we thought this little Rudolph and Santa would be the perfect thing.


For the Reindeer You Will Need:

  • Reindeer Template
  • 2 x A4 sheets of brown felt
  • 1 x A4 sheet of beige felt
  • 1 x A5 sheet of thicker brown felt for antlers (or you could sew 2 thinner pieces together after cutting!)
  • scrap of red felt
  • Sewing machine and red, brown and beige thread
  • 2 small black buttons
  • red and black embroidery thread and needle

1. Cut all the pieces from felt as indicated on the template.


2. Pin the inner ear pieces in the centre of the outer ear pieces and sew in place. I used a blanket stitch on my Brother machine because I love the effect, but a standard straight stitch would work just as well. Sew the nose onto the snout piece. That’s a great word isn’t it, snout…


3. Pin and sew the snout onto the body piece. Pin the tummy piece onto the body piece too, with the bottom edges lined up. Sew all the way around the tummy, including the bottom edge.


4. Sew the buttons onto the face with embroidery thread. Pencil a little smile just underneath the nose, then back stitch it on using red thread. Remember to knot the thread before you stitch and start from the back of the fabric.


5. Pin the antlers onto the top of the head, facing inwards. Pin the ears on either side of the antlers, right sides together. Sew to secure the antlers and ears just along the edge of the fabric.


6. Sew the puppet together, starting from one bottom corner and going all the way round to the other corner with a 5mm seam allowance.


7. Snip into the curved edges of the puppet to prevent it from puckering, then turn mr rudolph the right way out. Cute!


For Father Christmas You Will Need:

  • Father Christmas Template
  • A4 sheets of red and pink felt
  • A5 sheet of white felt
  • Scraps of yellow and black felt
  • Sewing machine and red and white sewing thread
  • Fabric glue
  • Black and red embroidery thread & needle
  • Medium sized white pom pom

1. Cut all the pieces from felt as indicated on the template. Cut a 15 x 1cm strip of black felt for Santa’s belt and a small yellow buckle


2. Pin the red trousers onto the bottom of the pink body piece lining up the bottom edge. Use a sewing machine to sew in place along the bottom edge. Then pin the shirt onto the body piece, making sure the it overlaps the trousers slightly. Sew along the bottom of the shirt and along the sleeves just along the edge.


3. Pin and sew the black belt along the top of the trousers.


4. Pin the beard on and use white thread to sew all around it, just along the edge. Pin and sew the hat on top, making sure it overlaps the top of the beard a little.


5. Use a pencil to mark eyes and a little smile on the face, then hand stitch them on with black and red embroidery thread. For the eyes stitch crosses overlapping to build up a circle of black.


6. Pin the two body pieces right sides together and sew with a 5mm seam allowance, from one corner of the puppet to the other. Trim any excess from the seam, snip tabs on the curves to prevent them from puckering and turn the right way out.


Finally, use a dab of fabric glue to attach the buckle onto the middle of the belt and Santa’s white pom pom on the top of his hat.


brother-sewn-reindeer-puppet-by-little-button-diaries-10  brother-sewn-reindeer-puppet-by-little-button-diaries-8

Thanks so much to Brother Sewing for sponsoring this post.

~ Laura & Tia xx