Life in Pictures: Winter Wonderland Fun*


*Like, fun-ish.

On Saturday we decided to head up to Hyde Park and go to Winter Wonderland with the kids for a Christmas treat (using the word treat quite loosely here). Back in the day, before I had my little rotters, I used to go every year with my good friend Rach. We would drink copious amounts of mulled wine, giggle and stuff our faces with crepes. It was bliss. Now… it’s different. We did have a lovely time, and the kids enjoyed it. But MY GOD was it rammed. Winter Wonderland is now one huge crowd of people shuffling round trying to get to the nearest ride. I mean, it was clearly the busiest day to go and maybe we were slightly idiotic to choose the last Saturday before Christmas. But it was a bit chaotic. It’s also basically just a gigantuous fun fair, and not a lot more. So if you’re planning on going, erm, well maybe think about whether you love crowds a little before. That’s my advice!


That aside, it was lovely to do a really properly Christmassy thing with the kids. They loved the rides and their little chubby happy chocolatey faces made it worth it. Mostly worth it.

winter-wonderland-7 winter-wonderland-5winter-wonderland-30

I found myself a churros van and stuffed my face completely with those golden beautiful beasts. I did not enjoy being forced to share them with the kids. I did that thing where you give them a very small piece then stuff the rest down so fast you get indigestion, just because you want them all to yourself.

 winter-wonderland-25 winter-wonderland-18winter-wonderland-10winter-wonderland-20 winter-wonderland-22

The girls went on a merry-go-round, but we didn’t realise that it sprays copious amounts of ‘snow’ (dish foam) on your face as you go round. Was glad I didn’t opt into that one!

winter-wonderland-13 winter-wonderland-14

What was more lovely was walking through London after the fair, the sun was setting and there were festive things on all the doors and windows. That was special.

winter-wonderland-3 winter-wonderland-29

Tia x