Happy 2nd Birthday, Grayson!

grayson 2nd birthday - little button diaries

And just like that, our Littlest Little Button, Grayson, turns two. Having his birthday straight after New Year means no sooner have the party poppers gone away, the party hats are back on and any New Year’s resolution to not eat cake goes out the window. Today, we’re celebrating with a little party and a big cake with our nearest and dearest.

Harper’s been counting down the days to Grayson’s birthday and treating it like a big surprise for him. We have to talk in hushed voices – or more accurately a stage whisper – if we talk about it, and she wants to help with every part of the planning. We’ve been practising singing Happy Birthday to him and he certainly knows how to open presents after Christmas.

It feels like all of a sudden Gray has gone from baby to little boy, and I blinked and missed it. Everyday he’s growing, learning, changing and making us all happy to be around him. He has developed an insatiable appetite for sweetcorn and will steal it off everyone’s plate if he has the chance. It’s often the first thing he says in the morning after “mummy, cuddle, milk” and the last thing at night. I even thought about wrapping up a packet for his birthday.

He likes nothing more than to be with Harper, doing whatever she is doing and repeating what she is saying. He’s found love in tractors, dogs, Taylor Swift and “show-wows” (AKA showers), and is happiest cuddling up in bed with milk. He still struggles to sleep through the night, which I’m crossing everything will change now he’s two – well, I can dream can’t I?

To me, he is one very special sweetcorn destructor and I feel very very lucky to call him mine.

Happy Birthday Gray Gray!