Make your own Footstool


So I made a little footstool last week. My first attempt at furniture! I love it too, although I wouldn’t risk standing on it… it has just a teeniest bit of a wonk. This was orginally meant to be a quick upcycle project from a stool I already had. But as I was hacking the upholstery off the original I accidentally hacked it to pieces. The legs snapped, the base snapped. It was a quality product.  So all I ended up using was the foam. You could, however, attempt your own upcycle if you think you could do it without destroyed a perfectly good stool just for a piece of foam!

You will need:

  • 45 x 55 cm grey cotton
  • scraps of yellow cotton for buttons
  • 4 self-cover buttons
  • 4 plain buttons (any colour – for use as backing on the foam)
  • Embroidery thread (any colour) and needle
  • A3 piece of grey felt
  • 35 x 25 cm upholstery foam
  • 35 x 25 cm chipboard
  • 4 small wooden footstool legs (I got mine from an upholstery shop)
  • drill and 5 cm screws
  • staple gun
  • yellow spray paint
  • masking tape

1. Begin by covering the buttons with the yellow fabric. You will need to cut a circle 1-2cm larger than each button and sew around the edge as per the instructions on the pack.


2. Place the grey fabric centrally on top of the foam. Fold it around loosely and pin in place to ensure it stays in the middle. Measure and mark 4 central points for the buttons (mine were 8 cm in from the long edges – see the pic for a guide). Mark on the bottom of the foam the same points too.


3. Tie a plain button onto the end of the embroidery thread. Sew from the back of the foam at one of the marks you made, through to the corresponding mark at the front. Sew a few stitches  to secure then pull tight. Thread on the covered button on the top of the foam and sew through a few more times. Repeat for the other marks.


4. To make the yellow legs for the stool, measure 6.5 cm from the base of each leg and wrap masking tape around it. I followed the natural curve of the wood to get an unusual shape, but keep it flat if you prefer a dipped look. Cover the top half of the foot completely with tape, then spray paint the bottom yellow.


5. Line the feet up on the chipboard about 3cm from the edge. Drill a hole in the chipboard in the centre of where each leg will go, then drill another hole in the top of each leg (your legs may already have holes in them).


6. Place the sheet of felt centrally on the base of the chipboard. Snip holes in the felt to line up with the ones in the board, then screw the feet onto the base and trim the felt to size.


7. Place the Foam on top of the stool. Tuck the fabric neatly underneath the felt (you may need to trim it a little). Pull the fabric to ensure a snug fit, then staple along the edge of the felt as you work your way round. For the corners, fold the fabric round as though wrapping a present and tuck under.


All done, definitely time to put your feet up!

Tia x

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