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Happy first week of January! This week has been a nice back-to-normal kinda week for us. I’ve been hanging out in the park and making crafty messes with my little one. I thought I’d feel really sad to take down the tree and say bye to Christmas, but it’s actually felt nice having our space again and getting back to routine. Our Christmas box is so rammed full that it no longer fits through the loft hatch – I need to stop buying decorations! So there’s a sad little festive mountain sitting on the landing where it will probably stay till March, going on previous experience.


Here’s Lilah eating some paint. I might have tried to wash up whilst she was painting, so when I came back she was doing a great job painting her face and tongue. Ooops.

walk-with-family-2 walk-with-family-3

We had a little walk and pub lunch with our family, which was lovely, bar for the fact that Lilah had the most enormous melt down I’ve ever seen. Over nothing. But… that face! I can’t help but smile when she pulls it. Which goes down VERY badly so I really should stop. And definitely not at any point photograph it!


It lasted the entire time we were in the pub and I felt so embarrassed, stressed out and exhausted by the end. I went outside with her for a bit to try and calm her down and I was so close to tears myself that I very nearly left my food behind and brought her home. Except that it was lamb shank and that’s my favourite :-)

 walk-with-family-5 lilah-bear-2

She put on a princess dress and passed out on the sofa as soon as we got home, all angelic like. Back to Jeckyll.

ice-skating-1ice-skating-5 ice-skating-6

We did a bit of ice skating too in Brighton (I didn’t get many pics, Laura went a while back and hers were way better!). I felt like my back was going to break from bending over the penguin for so long! I used to love ice skating. I had a (wobbly) lap all by myself at the end. But I could see – and hear – my two children wailing for me from the sidelines all the way round which was pleasant. Freedom is very different when you’re a parent!


Tia x

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  1. Love the honesty and truth in the tiny comments (backbreaking, wailing, leaving food) compared to the jealousy-inducingly lovely photos and glad you have the longer lasting memories of lovely times shared.

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