Embroidered Crown


For Grayson’s birthday I made him a felt crown and he absolutely hated it! He wore it for a matter of minutes whilst opening presents before he realised it was on his head, then whipped it off and said ‘yuck!’. He’s a tough critic!

On the bright side, Harper thought it was super and has requested one for her birthday in March. As I mainly stitched the crown by hand, I managed to get it done in front of the TV over Christmas. I do love a craft I can do in front of the Netflix on the laptop.

You will need:

  1. Begin by using the front and back templates to cut out the crown shape. Cut a front and back template in red, then do the same in blue (or whatever colours you’ve chosen). One of these is your outer layer, the other is your inner.IMG_7192
    2. Hand embroider a stitch design onto the outer layer of the crown. This took me a lot longer than I thought it would, as I got a bit carried away with the detail! IMG_7189

3. Once you’re happy with your stitching, pin the inner pieces of felt to the outer pieces and use a sewing machine to sew together. If you don’t want your machine stitches to be visible, use thread to match your inner fabric in your sewing machine bobbin and a thread to match your outer fabric through the needle. Sew the inner and outer fabrics together.


4. Now you will have the front and back pieces of your crown and they need to be sewn together. Slightly overlap the sides and pin in place, then use a zig zag stitch.

img_7235 IMG_7244


A crown fit for a birthday boy, or more likely their older sister who thinks every day is her birthday!

~ Laura xx~