Snap Happy Kids


Not a day has gone by since we started this blog in 2013 when we haven’t taken a photo of something. Good or bad, our ‘big’ cameras are much like third children to us. They can be a pain and are a bit annoying to lug around but they bring us a lot of joy. It seems this love of photography has rubbed off on our Little Buttons.

Our big girls, Harper and Amelie, have both taken a real interest in taking photos recently and we wanted to encourage their creative side without letting them near our precious big cameras! So we thought we’d let them get click-happy with their own cameras and see what wonders/horrors they could capture!

We gave the girls disposable cameras for our trip to the Natural History Museum last summer and asked them to take photos of things they wanted to remember or really liked. Harper pretty much used all her roll of film taking ‘arty’ shots of the railings as we were queuing to get in – she clearly wanted a lasting memory of them!

little button diaries - children photography little button diaries - children's photography

Laura gave Harper her old but much-loved mini Polaroid camera, and Harper got insanely excited about waiting for the pictures to develop – like mother, like daughter. As there are only ten pictures in a pack of film, Harper has been so conscious not to waste them, and really thinks about what she wants to take.  We’ve stored all her photos in a little album and she likes to keep it in her rucksack and show anyone who’s willing to look. She even got the Greenpeace volunteer who came knocking at our door last week to take a gander!
little button diaries little button diaries

Harper then documented Christmas for us with her Polaroid and did so well that Laura didn’t bother getting her camera out, which is unheard of. Asking her to take photos of things she wanted to remember or that just made her happy during the festive time meant the majority of photos were of family members (and not just presents!), which makes us genuinely happy and feeling like we’re doing an OK job as parents… oh, and one photo of a door. It must have been a door she really didn’t want to forget!

little button diaries photography

Tia gave Amelie an old digital camera that she was about to send to charity (made child proof with a little bit of sugru as shown in this post last year!). She basically spent the first 2 days doing nothing but cataloguing every single toy she owned (and all her socks and pants). But then she started snapping us and – even though we look seriously rough and the house is turmoil – it’s nice to see natural (as opposed to ‘natural’) shots. It’s our life – tantrums, mess, smiles, facetime with family and whatever the hell me and George were talking about in that photo at the end!

children's photography 7children's photography 13 children's photography 12 children's photography 11 children's photography 15 children's photography 8  children's photography 5children's photography 14 children's photography children's photography 1 children's photography 2

If you’ve got an old camera you don’t mind getting knocked and scratched a bit, then we’d highly recommend letting it loose on little ones. It’s inspired us to take more ‘in the moment’ shots as these will be the ones that we will treasure – and it’s always nice to see life through a child’s eyes.

 ~ Laura & Tia xx ~