Life In Pictures: Puddle Jumps and Fairy Walks

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When we have a free day at the weekend, our default family activity is to visit a National Trust property. We’re slowly working our way through the ones in Sussex and Bateman’s is our new favourite. It was the home of Rudyard Kipling, where you can view the house and a water-mill, and follow a  lovely little fairy trail around the grounds. Normally when we venture out for an afternoon, the kids take it in turns to be tricky but we managed to escape any wobbles for a whole afternoon.

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Caught him red-handed and soaking wet trousered! Despite all the lovely parts to Bateman’s to explore, Grayson found this tiny puddle the funniest thing he’d ever seen. I’ve seriously never heard him belly laugh SO hard. We did get a few funny looks from passersby, but I didn’t have the heart to ruin his puddle party.

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Whilst Nick took Harper for a wander around the house, Grayson was quite adamant he wanted to stay outside and read his Paw Patrol book. He kept alternating between sitting on a bench, standing by the bench or sitting in the buggy. He was a bit like Goldilocks, looking for a chair that was just right.

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We introduced Harper to ‘Pooh Sticks’ which she thought was the best game invented ever, but only when she won. Anyone else’s three-year-olds like this?!

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I can’t believe how grown-up she looks all of a sudden. We’ve completed her school application now (sob sob) and it seems like a ticking clock til September. I’m trying to plan lots of fun things we can do together over the next few months, just the two of us, before she becomes a school pupil.

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If you’re in the Sussex area I’d highly recommend taking a trip to Bateman’s. We will certainly be going back for a stroll around as we didn’t even get to try the cake this time!

~ Laura xx ~

20 thoughts on “Life In Pictures: Puddle Jumps and Fairy Walks

  1. Laura this looks like a lovely way to spend an afternoon. The Pooh sticks made me smile, trust me it isn’t just 3 year old’s that insist on winning, my kids will still cheat before admit defeat at 12! Gorgeous photos exploring the grounds, you’ll just have to return for that forgotten slice of cake!

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  2. National Trust is always our go-to for a day out too, you just can’t go wrong with NT! Grayson looks like such a character, I love his range of expressions x

  3. Door envy!! Love that photo!
    I just love children when they’re puddle jumping, they’re so happy and oblivious to all those around them – it’s unadulterated fun & that’s how life should be! I can imagine my boy belly laughing too at the little puddle :)) My children still enjoy Pooh Stiks. I bet the arch will be gorgeous in the Spring/Summer when it’s in full bloom.

  4. We’ve put our catchment area school as our first choice and they said they usually have a place or two not filled (they take 60). So I’m not really worrying about it. I hope I’m not being complacent as our second choice is usually oversubscribed and I’m not at all sure about our third choice but we didn’t know where else to pick! Xx

  5. Oh, this looks like a beautiful spot, and I love the puddle jumping – just look at his face! Perfect :) My youngest starts school this year too, I can’t believe I’ll have three kids at school come September! #countrykids

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