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mini clay collar pins tutorial by little button diaries

I was sitting at my desk this week making a little polymer clay monster – usual Tuesday. I finished my monster and decided to make a few more things – I used to love polymer clay when I was a kid and I would make tons of miniature items for my dolls house. I could spend a whole day making crap out of fimo without a care in the world! So that’s what I did on Tuesday. I used up all my valuable child-free hours making crap out of fimo. And now you can too!

These pins are teeny tiny, all of them fit on the tip of your finger. They take a little patience and a steady hand, but making them is a very therapeutic process, I thought.

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You will need:

To start with, roll the clay out to about 1-2mm thickness between 2 sheets of clingfilm. This will keep the clay clean, stop it from sticking to your work surface and allow you to turn it round easily and feel the thickness. Once its rolled out, you can peel off the top layer of clingfilm and smooth the clay with your finger tips.

Measure your pins to make sure that the clay shapes you make are bigger than the backing of the pin. NB, I didn’t do this, I just guessed. Didn’t work so well. Dumbass.

To make the feather, roll a piece of grey clay out, then place a triangle of blue clay on top and roll together to make one piece. Place a long strip of white down the centre and use a sharp knife to score and cut out sections of the feather.

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For the owl, Cut a teardrop shape from grey clay. Add a tiny white mask to the eyes and a small blue wing. After baking, use black and orange sharpies to mark on the beak and eyes.

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The mountains are simply two triangles with a small white zig zagged peak on the top. I placed the white clay on top of each mountain and pressed lightly to get an imprint in the white, so that I knew how large to cut the peak. Overlap the two mountains a little and gently press together.

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The cloud is the trickiest to cut as it needs curved edges. I find it easiest to cut squared edges and then just slice off the corners. Smooth the edges into a curve with the flat of the knife. Add a little teardrop of rain.

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Finally, the acorn was simply an oval of brown with another half-oval on top. I roughly cut the top piece and placed it on top before cutting around the nut to get two exactly fitting pieces. Score the top piece and add a small sausage stem.

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Then all you need to do is bake as per the packet and glue the clay onto the bases of the pins.

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Tia x

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