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I don’t mean to whine (although I’m told I’m good at it), but this week has been a bit of a turd. It can go away now. New week please. It started off nicely, with a princess party and a little happy-muddy walk in the woods. I only have this one photo because I managed to donk my camera and it stopped working (caused a mild panic attack, but it started up again. It was just pissed off that I donked it).

Then on Wednesday Amelie had a little fall at school and fractured her foot – only a small injury, but one that meant she had to have a cast put on. She was not a fan of the idea and cried the whole time we sat waiting for the appointment. But we went and hung out in a cafe (okay, it was Macdonalds. Don’t judge me. But a Happy Meal cheered my Sad Girl right up) and all was good again.

amelie's poorly foot 2 amelie's poorly foot

The problem has been that she hasn’t been able to walk, AT ALL. So I’ve spent the week lugging her from sofa to table to toilet to sofa to table to toy box to bed. To toilet. To bed. To toilet. To bed. Like a large and very opinionated baby. It’s been knackering and draining for both of us. I know it’s not the end of the world, but it’s hard when suddenly you can do nothing, stuck in the house, stuffing your face with biscuits out of boredom.

Amelie 2 Amelie 1at home being bored 2 at home being bored 3 at home being bored

We did a bit of snoozing, a bit of art (this little art smock Laura made was on the blog this week, Lilah loves it), a bit of play dough baking and a LOT of Disney. Basically all Disney. That sounds pretty good when I write it down actually! We love our Disney Duvet days. So…Maybe it hasn’t been so bad after all.

Tia x

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