Easy Peasy PJs

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I’m not a pro at sewing clothes. I made a dress once and forgot to put arm holes in it. Then I made a skirt – using ridiculously expensive liberty fabric – and it wouldn’t zip up. I made it twice, both times it would not zip up! It stayed in a “maybe it will fit one day” pile for about 4 years, then I cut it up. Depressing. So I haven’t really made many clothes since. But then I saw this fabric and I thought it would make some cute PJs… so I made some PJs! And, thank goodness, they were the easiest thing ever. You don’t need a pattern – you just need another pair of pyjamas to use as a template.

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You will need:

  • A pair of non-stretch cotton Pyjama bottoms (to copy!)
  • large piece of paper
  • About 1m cotton (depending on the size you want to make – this was for a 4 year old)
  • pinking shears
  • Ribbon for the tier
  • Safety pin

1. Take an existing pair of cotton PJs and fold them in half lengthways.  Pull out the crotch and lay them out on a large piece of paper (or baking parchment). Draw around them. If the top is elasticated, pull it taut to get the full waist size.

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2.  Add a 1.5cm seam allowance all the way round. At the bottom, add an additional 1cm. At the top add an additional 6cm. Cut out the template.

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3. Cut out the template. Fold the fabric in half, pin on the template and cut out. Repeat to create 4 pieces. Pin the fabric together in pairs, right sides together. Sew along the inside and outside leg seams, with a 1.5cm seam allowance (leaving the crotch unsewn).

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4. To make the opening for the tiers, mark on the edge of the crotch on one of the legs 4cm and 7cm from the top (marked in the photo below). Turn the other leg right side out and insert it into the marked one, right sides together, lining up the crotch seams. Pin and sew the crotch, with a 1.5cm allowance, but leave the gap marked.

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5. Press out all the seams and trim them with pinking shears (or overlock them if you have a machine. I don’t!). and sew a neat box around the opening. Sew twice to add strength.

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6. To create the channel for the tiers, fold the top of the PJs in by 1cm and press. Fold in again by 4cm, pin and sew along the fold on the inside.

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7. Try the trousers on for size and pin the hem. Fold under twice as with the top and sew along the fold. Then use a safety pin attached to the end of a ribbon to pull it through the channel. And you’re all done!

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I loved them so much I made another pair for me. To be honest though, my ones turned out gigantic for some reason, like clown trousers. I tried to be clever and make them without an existing pair to copy. Dammit!

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Tia x