DIY Popcorn Purse

popcorn purse DIY - little button diaries

We’re a little bit obsessed with popcorn in our house. Since Christmas, Grayson has used the word “popcorn” as his default word for things he doesn’t know the word for. So Christmas baubles were called popcorn, fairy lights were popcorn, crackers were popcorn. Well, you get the idea. Oh, and it’s Harper’s all-time favourite snack of. all. time. So maybe it was only a matter of time that popcorn popped into my crafting repertoire.

You will need:

  • 10cm red zip
  • 2 x A4 sheet red felt
  • 1 x A4 sheet white felt
  • 1 x A4 sheet beige felt
  • Gold sequins

IMG_8956DIY Popcorn Purse - Little Button Diaries

1. Begin by cutting out these templates. Pin the beige popcorn shape onto the top of one of the red pieces, lining up the edges. Sew along the edges using beige thread.

DIY Popcorn Purse - Little Button Diaries

2. Sew the popcorn box on in sections. Starting from the left, pin the first red piece onto the main body piece of the purse and sew with red thread down the left hand side. Then tuck the white piece under the red piece and sew using red thread on the edge of the red piece of felt. Leave the top and bottom of each piece unsewn.

DIY Popcorn Purse - Little Button Diaries

3. Repeat all the way along the box.

DIY Popcorn Purse - Little Button Diaries

4. To make the popcorn badge, sew the white circle onto the red one using white thread. Then either glue or hand stitch the letters on. Sew the whole sign onto the striped box using red thread.

DIY Popcorn Purse - Little Button Diaries

5. Cut two small squares of red felt, slightly larger than the ends of your zip and pin them onto both ends of the zip. Sew in place.  Pin the zip, right sides together, onto the left hand side of the purse with the edges lined up. Put the zipper foot on the machine and sew all along the zip, nice and close. When you get near to the zipper you will need to lift the foot and pull it out of the way.

  • DIY Popcorn Purse - Little Button Diaries6. Place the popcorn and zip piece face down on top of the other red piece of felt and line the edges of the zip with the felt. Pin and sew in place.

    DIY Popcorn Purse - Little Button Diaries7. To sew the purse together, open up the zip and pin the purse pieces together, lining up the edges. Sew, 5mm in from the edge, all the way round.

    DIY Popcorn Purse - Little Button Diaries8. Trim any excess felt from around the edges and make snips around the corners. Turn the purse the right way out. Hand sew the sequins on top of the popcorn and you’re done! In hindsight, I probably should have done this before sewing the purse together to make it a bit easier.

    DIY popcorn purse - little button diaries

    ~ Laura xx ~