Life in Pictures: Cinderella & Acey

half term 1

Hello hello! Hope you’ve had a nice week? For us, it was half term and it’s been very lovely. I think I’m in a minority in the parent world, but I really love half term. Not in a slushy way, more that we like not being ruled by the routine! School is still new to us, and we (I) have struggled a bit with getting up and getting out in the mornings. In fact, I’m crap at it.  Despite my best intentions for calm TV-free mornings of getting ready without any tantrums and laughing into our cheerios, we always end up late,  missing socks, forgetting book bags and running to school with a sweat on. So this week has been about lie-ins. Not lie-ins like they used to be mind, more “you can take the ipad to your bedroom as a special treat!” kind of lie-ins. Which are almost as good. Almost.

brighton pier little button diaires 8

 brighton pier little button diaires 6 brighton pier little button diaires 7

Oh, and we had the school guinea pigs. We forgot to ask their names when we collected them, so they became Cinderella and Acey (nope… no idea). I loved having them – I had guinea pigs when I was little and it was all so lovely and familiar.

 half term guinea pigs 3 half term guinea pigs 4half term guinea pigs 1

We also found a massive bag of tokens for Brighton Pier when we were having a clear out, so we went for a day of rides. Apparently tokens haven’t been used there for years – which made us feel old – but after a little persuasion she let us swap them for ride passes. Whoop!

brighton pier little button diaires 1

brighton pier little button diaires 3 brighton pier little button diaires 4brighton pier little button diaires 15

Wasn’t overjoyed at having to go on this ride due to the size of my kids. For one, it cost me valuable ride points. For another, it was just after our lunch and it bounced around quite violently. All enjoyment was faked!

brighton pier little button diaires 16 brighton pier little button diaires 13brighton pier little button diaires 2

And this sign?? Someone’s clearly gone and got there head stuck in the hole – it’s one of those boards you stick put your face in. Can you imagine how mortifying that would be? It’s the kind of thing that would happen to me. Ouuuch.

brighton pier little button diaires 11 brighton pier little button diaires 10 brighton pier little button diaires 9

    Her little cast is off now, thank goodness. Life is back to normal. Let’s hope I can learn my lesson and start getting up a bit earlier to be one of those serene mums in the playground who hasn’t forgotten to put their kids shoes on*.

Tia x

*that actually happened.