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nymans - little button diaries

So lately I’ve been pretty rubbish at plate spinning. I seem to have picked too many up and have been crazily spinning hands, feet, head… well, you get the idea. As a result we have a messy house, a lot of unfinished craft projects and haven’t been spending a lot of family time out and about. Even when we have ventured out, my big camera hasn’t really come with us. So Life In Pictures is a bit of a mish mash this week.

nymans - little button diaries nymans - little button diaries

The one proper outing we’ve made this year (damn this miserable weather!) has been to Nymans. We do love a National Trust on a Sunday. It’s the cake really that motivates us to go and the runaround for the kids. Nymans also has the best cheese sandwiches ever!

IMG_8019nymans - little button diariesnymans - little button diaries nymans - little button diaries
nymans - little button diaries

I thought it would be a great idea to take a bright umbrella out with us. Cue a massive squabble over who got to hold the brolly and it getting broken and both kids being covered in mud. I’m always taking two of everything with me in future!

nymans - little button diaries

We’ve also paid a little trip to visit both sets of grandparents, had lovely times and didn’t really document it! Both the kids adore playing in Hargray House and it’s already their little clubhouse where adults aren’t allowed. Or rather, adults can come in, as long as they do exactly what they’re told!

nymans - little button diaries

 We’re really looking forward to this little lady turning four next week. What she’s requested for her birthday (as she’ll be a grown up, don’t you know) is “to have breakfast in bed, to play mini golf and go sailing, to speak French and go to Disneyland”. I’m exhausted just typing that, but at least we’ll have one or two things to photograph! Roll on Spring, nicer weather, more photo opportunities and fewer plates to spin!

~ Laura xx ~

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