Life in Pictures: Camber Sands

camber sands 4 bw

Camber Sands is one of the most beautiful beaches I know. The last time I was there, I was on a mini-break with George. I was heavily pregnant with Lilah, and we were trying to get in just one little trip away before we lost all our evenings and sanity once more. Then I went into labour. I thought I’d just eaten too much. But no, out she popped. Fun trip!

camber sands 6

Anyway, three years later and this time there was no labour and the sun came out for a bit (a really tiny bit) and we had a lovely day on the beach with my folks.

camber sands 2  camber sands 1camber sands 19
camber sands 20 camber sands 24camber sands 10

Didn’t quite consider how freezing it would get though, my poor under-dressed kids. We were paddling and sand sculpting and it all turned black! Good thing my dad was on hand with his Berghaus and picnic blanket. She was not happy.

camber sands 9

camber sands 21

So British with our sand car.

Tia x