Mini Makers: Colour Sort Button Art

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I was looking at my mountains of craft crap (#craftcrap) the other day – I really do have gigantic stacks of pointless stuff. It pains my inner zen. But I can’t get rid of it, not without finding a use. I have this huge jar of buttons – there are so many buttons they no longer fit in the jar. So it’s actually a huge jar of buttons with a pile of precariously placed buttons on the top. Ridiculous. So I came up with an idea to use my buttons. This craft is so easy and kids LOVE it. Perfect for preschool kids as it has two parts to it – colour sorting and picture building.

You Will Need

  • buttons in a mix of colours
  • coloured bowls
  • card
  • Black thick permanent pen (or the colour will run)
  • PVA glue
  • card

1. Tip some buttons out onto a tray and arrange the coloured bowls out. Kiddies can now spend some time sorting the bowls into the bowls according to their colour. While they’re doing this, draw out a really simple shape onto card using black permanent pen. Something they can fill in with the coloured buttons – like a butterfly, rainbow or a bunch of balloons. A simple shape with lots of colour options (unless you only have black buttons… in which case maybe a bat!).

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2. Get the overalls out and place the drawing onto the tray. Add a dob of glue to one part of the picture and fill that with one colour of buttons. Adding glue to the whole picture whould cause it to dry out and is less easy for the kids.

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3. Keep filling up the picture with glue and buttons until it is lovely and colourful. Leave overnight to dry.

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Lilah loved this activity, and I got a good 20 minutes of tea drinking in whilst I watched her create. Funny though, kids are so unpredictable. I thought she’d love to use all the colours, but I had to battle with her at the beginning because she only wanted to use white for the whole picture. God knows why.

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So simple! And now my buttons fit back in the jar. If you’ve got tons of buttons too head over to our Instagram account where today sees the start of #getcreativewith buttons – the craft challenge we’re running with oh creative day

Tia x

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