Life In Pictures: A Birthday Celebration

fishers farm - little button diaries

So I’m writing this post a week late. It was Harper’s birthday a week and a bit ago and since then I’ve been stuck in bed with a bug – I nearly didn’t even make it to her birthday party. But for her actual birthday (before the sickness struck) she had a long list of things she wanted to do to celebrate. These included, quote, “having breakfast in bed, riding a horse like a cowboy, playing mini golf, eating ice-cream on the beach, going to Disneyland, speaking French and eating cake”. We had a busy day ahead…


After having a breakfast in bed that involved sitting at the breakfast table (that’s a 4-year-old’s logic for you) we made our way to Fisher Farm… because at least we knew they have horses, so we could fulfil her cowboy dreams. Meanwhile, Grayson was in his tractor heaven!

Fishers Farm - Harpers birthday Fishers Farm - Harpers birthday Fishers Farm - Harpers birthday IMG_1177

One of my favourite favourite favourite words that Grayson says is “Stonkie”. No idea where the word has come from but he’s quite insistent that that is the word for a horse or pony. So as soon as he started shouting “Stonkie!” we knew it was time to saddle up.

Fishers Farm - Harpers birthdayFishers Farm - Harpers birthday Fishers Farm - Harpers birthday   IMG_1100

It’s really hard to get these two to stand still long enough for me to get a photo of them together, so even though it’s not the best photo I’ve ever taken, it’s definitely one for the wall.

IMG_1120 fishers farm - little button diaries fishers farm - little button diaries

So for a few hours at least we had a lovely, albeit chilly, time at Fisher’s Farm. We didn’t quite tick everything off Harper’s birthday list but whilst I was tucked up in bed feeling ill, Harper did get to go down to Brighton Pier and have an ice cream with Grayson and Daddy and we’re all booked for Disneyland Paris later in the year, so really we just need to tick mini golf off the list! Tres bon!

~ Laura xx ~