Life in Pictures: The Seaside

Eastbourne 7
These pics are from a little trip we took to Eastbourne last week to see a show with the kids. A show which started at 7pm. Which could have been VERY STUPID. But turned out to be… only a bit stupid. They go to bed at 7pm normally, so I was dreading a tiredness induced shit fit mid performance. But luckily, it went the opposite way and my youngest sat dopily on my lap the whole way through. I love Eastbourne, there’s something wonderfully nostalgic about it. Proper English Seaside, with all the cheesy chintzy stuff that goes with it.

Eastbourne 18

We did have a few mild meltdowns before the show. The usual crap, you know, “that’s my puddle – WAIL”, “your balloon is almost imperceptibly bigger than mine – WAIL”, etc. etc. But it was nice being out at that time for once. I got a bit snap happy as I usually do. Poor kids.

  Eastbourne 11 Eastbourne 3

Eastbourne 9

My kids still haven’t sussed that you can put money into these machines. So they sit happily in them for ages not knowing they do something mildly more exciting. Mo ha HAA.

Eastbourne 4

Eastbourne 2

Eastbourne 8 Eastbourne 1

Eastbourne 12

This was one of those, “oh I’ll just take a picture…. oh she’s bolted” moments. She’s quite quick despite her twiglet legs!

Eastbourne 16

Hooray to those first few sunny days we’ve had.  I bloody love them. Still not brave enough to bare my so-white-they’re-almost-blue legs though. Maybe next month.

Tia x