Mini Makers: Easy Peasy Easter Chick Cards

easter chick cards - little button diaries

Now Harper is 4, she has decided she is a grown up and a fully independent individual. Every time I ask her to do something she thinks about it and then says, “I have a plan…” before  launching into her alternative version of how we should do things. She’s also incredibly reluctant to craft or to practice her handwriting at the moment… possibly because she can tell how keen I am for her to do those things.

So when she uttered the words, “Mummy, can we make some Easter cards”, I played it cool (whilst doing a happy dance inside), abandoned dinner and got all the Easter-related materials I could find to make these easy peasy chick cards.

You will need:

  • Blank cards
  • Craft foam eggs in springtime colours and orange
  • Glue stick
  • Yellow paint
  • Cotton wool
  • Black felt tip pen
  • Glitter, pom pom trim, ribbons, stickers, craft feathers


1. Cut off the top of the foam egg to form a cracked egg shape, then decorate. We did a variety of designs, using embellishments like stickers, glitter, ribbons and confetti.


2. Create the chick’s face by dipping cotton wool into yellow paint, and then dabbing it onto the card to form a into a large filled-in circle.


3. Stick the egg onto the bottom of the card so the chick’s head is poking out of the egg.


4. Glue a feather on each side of the face to resemble wings. Cut a small triangle from orange craft foam for the beak and glue on. Draw two eyes using black felt tip pen.


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~ Laura xx ~