Life in Pictures: Easter, Farms & Mum Boredom

easter egg hunt 3

This week, like most of the country, we have mostly been stuffing our faces with chocolate. Even as I write this I’ve managed to eat a whole Lindt bunny without even noticing it, bleurgh. I’m at that “just eat it so its gone” phase.

We had a lovely Easter week at my parents, with Egg hunts, ice creams and time hanging out with our littlest cousin. I love watching them all, they’re such good friends. They’re far apart, but couldn’t be closer.

easter egg hunt 1 easter egg hunt 5cousins 1farms are only fun the first 4 times 4

We’ve spent a lot of time in playgrounds this week. I don’t know about you, but for me I find that, as a parent, things seem to get boring quite quickly. Playgrounds, farms, SOFT PLAY. Ugh, even the word. It starts off as (relatively) fun, and then it slips. I was desperate to take Amelie to the park when she was born. I can still remember pushing this 4 month old on the swing, with her little face all completely not bothered. Then I went 42 more times and playgrounds became the most boring parent place on the planet – after soft play, clearly. Soft play when down in my ratings dramatically when I made the mistake of attempting the fun house whilst heavily pregnant and getting stuck between the mangle type contraption. Actually). And now farms are slowly slipping into that once-you’ve-seen-one-goat category. I still go to these places, it’s just that my enjoyment is very often faked now. I know that I’m there for the kids, and seeing them having a ball totally makes up for it, but I think its important to accept that being a parent can be monotomous at times – and that it’s okay to feel bored. Or maybe it IS just me?


Having said that, we did go to to a lovely farm over Easter, near my parents (The Little Owl Farm, if you’re near Worcester. It’s a good’un). This place was different – they let you cuddle and feed the animals (in a very gentle, controlled way!) and it was pretty lovely.

farms are only fun the first 4 times 12 farms are only fun the first 4 times 11farms are only fun the first 4 times 10 farms are only fun the first 4 times 14farms are only fun the first 4 times 13farms are only fun the first 4 times 18 farms are only fun the first 4 times 19

Still love that little tongue-out concentrating face.

farms are only fun the first 4 times 17

Fighting the urge to put a ewe pun in here, trying not to turn into my dad.

Hope you had a lovely Easter and that you’re also at that “just get it gone” phase in the chocolate cycle, just to make me feel better.

Tia x

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  1. I am also at the “just get it over with” stage. I just gobbled down 10 tiny chocolate eggs and a handful of jellybeans and didn’t even enjoy one bit of it :) I thought I’d also let you know that you are not the only one pretending to have fun at playgrounds and soft play (I’m guessing this is what we call bounce houses) for the kid’s sake. I am guilty of the same. I am also guilty of turning into my dad and letting one (or 12) too many puns slip, so bravo for controlling yourself with that perfect “ewe” picture :) I just love your blog and your fabulous Instagram feed! Thanks for the chuckle!

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