Geometric Clay Jewellery

clay jewellery by little button diaries

I love a bit of air dry clay, as you might have noticed if you’re a regular visitor (if so, sorry to be doing yet another clay project. I’m just obsessed with the stuff!) and if you don’t have access to a kiln air dry clay is almost as good as the real thing. It’s obviously not as tough or water proof, but with a good lick of varnish it can pass for a real piece of clay. So I thought I’d make some simple geometric pieces, and I love how they turned out. What I did NOT love were the pictures of me that me and Laura took to show the jewellery. I realised looking at the pics that I’m suddenly old and wrinkly with a saggy chin.  No amount of photoshopping can fix that!

clay jewellery by little button diaries 8

Enough vanity. Here’s how to make some easy peasy clay jewellery.

You Will Need:

  • air dry clay (the brand Das is my fave)
  • round cookie cutters in a variety of sizes or jar/pen lids
  • fine sandpaper
  • gold and mint acrylic paint
  • gloss varnish (I use Triple Thick)
  • ring, pendant and earring blanks, earring blanks and pendent
  1. Roll out the clay to about 3mm thickness between 2 sheets of cling film. Remove the cling film and use different cutters to cut a variety of circles from the clay. I cut 3 sizes – 5omm, 30mm and 15mm (I used a pen lid for the smallest one).  set aside and leave to dry out overnight.

clay jewellery by little button diaries 2

  1. Once dry, use fine sandpaper to smooth the tops and edges of the circles. This makes all the difference as you can see.

clay jewellery by little button diaries 4

  1. use a ruler and pencil to mark random sections onto the clay. Paint the sections gold and mint.

clay jewellery by little button diaries 6

  1. Add a lick of varnish to the charms, front and back, to provide shine and make them more durable. Then glue onto the jewellery blanks and you’re all set!

clay jewellery by little button diaries 7  clay jewellery by little button diaries 9

Tia x