Life in Pictures: St. Ives

St Ives Cornwall 30

So we had a little holiday in St. Ives, Cornwall, for a week and it was lovely and now I think I’d quite like to live there. We left at 4am due to my (slightly OTT) panic about getting stuck in a jam with two bored kids on a journey that already takes 6 hours. But we arrived at 10 (unable to check in till 3…) in a bit of a daze and feeling slightly jetlagged/drunk on tiredness. So we had ice creams for breakfast and sat there feeling confused for a few hours.

St Ives Cornwall 4 St Ives Cornwall 6St Ives Cornwall 41 St Ives Cornwall 1

St. Ives is a fantastic destination for families. Sandy, shallow beaches, dainty cobbled streets filled with quirky local shops with an arty vibe that makes you feel just a little bit uncool. We loved it so much. Scroll down for a list of our top ten things to do there with little ones in tow!

St Ives Cornwall 29 St Ives Cornwall 36 St Ives Cornwall 37

The kids insisted on putting their swimming costumes on but it wasn’t really warm enough to be honest (it does look like it is though doesn’t it!). I couldn’t even put my toe in the water but they were splashing about like kids do with their lack of internal thermometers. I made them a gigantic fort that took me about an hour to build and that the kids played in for approximately 8 minutes before they trampled it to go and play with Daddy’s dam instead. He looked annoyingly smug about that.

St Ives Cornwall 35minack theatre cornwall 6

This is the Minnack Theatre, one of the most amazing places we’ve ever been to. A theatre carved out of the cliff face, with outstanding views and wonderful shows.

minack theatre cornwall 3 minack theatre cornwall 2 minack theatre cornwall 8

Kids never do appreciate an incredible view.

Tate St Ives Cornwall 1

That is the staircase in the Tate, which I spent more time photographing than I did looking at the art, which I realise makes me a bit odd. I have lots of staircase photos. Luckily I’m only including one here!

St Ives Cornwall 12b St Ives Cornwall 13St Ives Cornwall 39 St Ives Cornwall 11

It rained on our last day (felt bloody smug about only having one day of rain for the week) and we sat in a pub by the window watching all the people who didn’t care that it was raining, and the amazing colours in the sky which was so stunning it looked almost photoshopped.

St Ives Cornwall 49St Ives Cornwall 48 St Ives Cornwall 47 St Ives Cornwall 46

 And this was Lilah having a tantrum because she wanted to stay at the holiday house and not go back to the blue house (which is our home. And it’s not blue, it’s grey. Kid logic). So I guess that’s a sign that she had a nice time.

St Ives Cornwall tantrum 14

Our top ten things to do around St. Ives with Kids:

1. Visit the Minnack Theatre for open air shows that make you feel like you’re in the middle of a greek odyssey.
2. Go to the Porthminster Beach Cafe for incredible (if a little pricey) breakfast with a view
3. Visit the Coastguard station on the ‘island’ where, if you hover politely outside they will let you come in and look through their gigantic telescopes!
4. Walk across the tidal pathway and visit the castle at St. Michael’s Mount
5. Take a bucket and head for the rockpools at Gwithian Beach
6. Grab a delicious burger at Hub St. Ives
7. Head to Tate St. Ives for a little culture and a cool staircase :-)
8. Take the incredibly scenic but short train journey from  St. Ives to St. Erth
9. Travel a little further and fill yourself with awe and wonderment at the Eden Project
0. Find a little souvenir at the lovely toyshop Fabulous

Tia x