Pom Pom Trainers

pom pom trainers diy

After seeing these beautiful trainers in Zara our eyes did a cartoon-style jump out of our heads as we love pom poms and needed pom pom trainers in our lives (without the £45.99 price tag). So we popped to Primark to get a cheap pair of trainers and pom-pomed them up!

You Will Need:

  • Mohair wool in 2 colours
  • Pom pom maker
  • Pair of trainers
  • Sewing thread and needle

pom pom trainers - little button diaries

  1. Begin by making your pom poms. I used a pom pom maker for neatness, but you could easily use a fork or your hand to wrap the wool around (see our tutorial for details).

pom pom trainers - little button diaries

2. Trim the pom pom so you have a nice fluffy ball. Make two in each colour.

pom pom trainers - little button diaries

3. Sew the pom poms onto the tongues of the trainers and you’re done!

pom pom trainers - little button diaries

And yes, before you ask, we did make two pairs so we could wear them together! Our husbands says we look like we’re wearing clown shoes but we’ve got pom poms and we don’t care! If you’re as gaga about pom poms as we are you might enjoy our other pom pom makes:

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