Stitched Birthday Badge

5th birthday badge 4

My lovely little thing turned 5 yesterday. FIVE! Five years on the planet. Five years of being a mum. Five years since a labour that wrecked my body forever. Only five little rainbow years. She was very excited about the whole thing, about going to school and having everyone sing the birthday song, about being able to wear her sparkly shoes and about putting on her birthday badge and erm…. hang on, what now? Birthday badge??

She announced to me as she was being tucked into bed the night before her birthday that wearing her birthday badge was something she was really looking forward to. As every year, till NOW, she’s had a badge on one of her birthday cards. This year, not so much. So I was up till midnight stitching a gigantic badge from felt when I should have been blowing up balloons and tidying my house in preparation for it being dramatically untidied again within ten minutes.

5th birthday badge 1 5th birthday badge 25th birthday badge 3 5th birthday badge 5

I was fully expecting her to take one look at the thing and refuse to put it on, but she didn’t, she was ecstatic about it. Even if it looked like she was wearing a dinner plate. It’s not perfect, but to her it is. And to me, she is.

birthdat amelie birthday amelie amelie tarten coat 3 Amelie

Happy 5th birthday Amelie

Tia x