Life in Pictures: Eden

eden project 5

Eden Project! I went to the EDEN PROJECT! I’ve wanted to go to here ever since it was first created. To me, this place is like Disneyland. I was almost weeing with excitement on the way there (even if that doesn’t take much these days). A place that you can’t imagine can possibly exist, let alone exist here. It honestly took my breath away and made my heart pound. Laura went there last year and I was so jealous (take a look at her pics – they’re better than mine).

eden project 14 eden project 2

I used to work in sustainability and I used to be really green. Looking back, I was probably quite annoying and condescending with it. But I still love anything that focuses is on an alternative way to be. Anything that shows that the alternative is possible, and even easy.  Since I’ve become a mum my green credentials have slipped and I find myself feeling guilty about that almost every day. I try to be as good as I was, but I find it harder now. I’m greenish. More sage these days. But this place – THIS PLACE – made me want to be a better human. A better mum for my kids by leaving them with a better legacy. Even if writing that does make me sound like a bit of a twit. This place makes you think, it makes you feel and it makes you want to change. And that is worth a lot.

eden project 6 eden project 7 eden project 8  eden project 3 eden project 9 eden project 10eden project 12 eden project 13

We took part in some fun fair games which were so much fun. Even if I did turn a blind eye whilst Lilah TOTALLY cheated at hook-a-duck. Also – notice how competitive I am by the manic expression on my face below? I don’t know why I’m competitive, I’m pretty crap at most sports but still, there it is. A carnal desire to win at everything. Even kids games.

eden project 11

So there we are. If you’re in Cornwall, and you haven’t already, go to Eden. Be mesmerised.

Tia x