Life In Pictures: A Forest Adventure

thetford forest - little button diaries

Hasn’t the weather been c-r-a-z-y this week. Coats on one minute, then Factor 50 the next, and a total wash-out yesterday. Our Bank Holiday was a long weekend of broken-down cars, sickness bugs and a combined number of hours of sleep you could count on just one hand. We had Nanna and Grandpa coming down for a visit and we showed them a rather wet time in the car park of Halfords. So this Life in Pictures is nothing to do with this weekend, but instead a recent visit to their home in Norfolk!

thetford forest - little button diaries thetford forest - little button diaries

When we were in Norfolk, we went to High Lodge in Thetford Forest which is super! There’s a giant playground within the forest, which the kids spent ages exploring despite the chilly May weather.

thetford forest - little button diaries  thetford forest - little button diaries

Grayson spent the majority of his time in the playground trying to cross a rope bridge in order to single-handedly climb the stairs to the highest slide there. The boy is one determined maverick.

thetford forest - little button diaries

This giant see-saw was the absolute highlight for Harper – you have to run on to tip it. She roped us in to do some running and loved shouting “come on boys!” like she was a sergeant major.

thetford forest - little button diariesthetford forest - little button diaries

As you walk around the forest there are musical instruments to play with, which was really motivating to get my two to actually walk!

 thetford forest - little button diaries    thetford forest - little button diaries thetford forest - little button diaries thetford forest - little button diaries

Harper’s a bit of an aficionado at archery, having completely mastered it when we went to Bodiam Castle. She managed to get five out of seven arrows on the target – and then had a bit of a strop about the two she missed!

thetford forest - little button diaries

We didn’t stay too long as I was too optimistic when I dressed the kids and they basically froze their tiny butts off. But next time we’ll definitely stay longer, take a picnic and wear thermals (even if it’s August!)

~ Laura xx ~