Bubble Art Projects with Trunkaroo

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If you’re regulars to our blog you’ll know that we do a lot of crafting with our kids. And we mean A LOT.  It’s basically the only way we know how to entertain our kids. So when the lovely people at Trunkaroo contacted us to ask if we and the Buttons wanted to try out one of their kids craft kits we jumped at the chance. You see, whilst we do do a lot of crafting with them, our craft cupboards are chaotic due to overuse and the kids can get stuck in a craft rut – Harper constantly wants to make/paint/draw rainbows and Amelie is a little obsessed with drawing princesses. So the idea of neatly packaged activities through the letterbox sounded good to us.

We received the Bubble science trunk which contained two projects – make your own 3D bubble wands, and creating bubble pictures. What was exciting was that these ideas were NEW to us – which is quite an achievement as we thought we had tried or at least considered most kids crafts at some point! But these were lovely novel ideas, well thought out, beautifully presented and concisely explained.

Trunkaroo kids craft review - little button diaries

Trunkaroo kids craft review - little button diaries Trunkaroo kids craft review - little button diaries

The bubble wands projects were easy to make with the instruction booklet and there was enough bubble solution supplied to try all the wands out, even with spilling loads on the floor (thanks for that Grayson!) The booklet also tells you how to make your own bubble solution so we’ve kept the wands to pull out next time we have a playdate to entertain our guests (although we have made our own bubble mix before for our giant bubbles)!

Trunkaroo kids craft review - little button diaries

Trunkaroo kids craft review - little button diaries Trunkaroo kids craft review - little button diaries

The next project was the bubble pictures, which Amelie had a lot of messy fun with. The instructions were great, with lovely illustrations so that she could follow them (ish) herself to create the bubble paint. This was a fab idea, blowing bubbles onto paper for a picture that then becomes the background to a bubbly sea scene. The only snag was that we didn’t have much success blowing bubbles with the straw, although this might have been down to our mixing of the solution. We had a few goes and helped things along with one of our (thousands of) bubble wands.

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She loved drawing some pretty (on the inside) mermaids to embellish her sea scene. This kept her entertained for ages and she was so happy with her creation that she popped it straight in the post to the Little Mermaid. Poor Ariel will now have to draft a response, as if she doesn’t have enough on her (what’s that word again?) plate.

Trunkaroo have really created something special here – the boxes are pricey but would make a fantastic gift for kids who don’t have many craft supplies or for non-crafty mums, because it’s all there for you, neatly tucked into this adorable little package.

Trunkaroo make monthly kids craft boxes aimed at 3 – 8 year olds. Prices start at £16.99 a month for a 12 month subscription to the craft boxes or £25 to purchase the single box.

Thanks so much to Trunkaroo for sponsoring this post.

~ Laura & Tia xx ~