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Seaford 4

This picture makes me laugh. Look at my child walking (up a hill!), all sweet and happy. Buuuuut no. The camera lies. She was wailing and begging me to carry her – and I was ignoring her and taking pictures which only pee’d her off more. This shot seemed to capture a millisecond of serene between wails. So in it goes!

Seaford 2

I’ve lived in Seaford in Sussex for a year and a half now. And I like where I live. Now I like where I live. Moving from Brighton was a big shock for me, saving good bye to my best buddy and leaving a place that is so vibrant and full of fun. But I couldn’t afford to have any space in Brighton. I loved it, and I was sad to leave it. I knew no one here and I had this vision of it being dull and suburby. But it’s not! And now I suddenly feel a wave of warmth for my new little town. I love being in a small community, being able to ramble up cliffs on my doorstep (er because I’ve done this like, at least 2 times. In a year and a half…) and I love that it’s calmer.  It’s easier. I’m settled now, I’m used to it. I like it. It’s now my mission to get Laura here too :-)

Seaford 10 Seaford 5Seaford 15Seaford 7grandma and amelie 1

My parents came to stay this week. The kids love them SO much. It’s always bittersweet, so lovely having them here. So crappy when they leave. We took the kids to our favourite park, The Big Park in Peacehaven (see the pics from when we went there all together last year). It was lovely, although I had a big mum-guilt moment. Gotta love the mum-guilt. There are some bee hives not far from the park. I took Amelie to the fence to show her (we didn’t go IN or anything!) but the bees didn’t like it. They bloody chased us! And Amelie got stung, on her face. And I felt like the worst mum in the world. She was okay though, sweeties and scooters fixed everything. And now I have sting relief on my shopping list!

peacehaven big park 3

peacehaven big park 4 peacehaven big park 5 peacehaven big park 2

peacehaven big park 1 peacehaven big park 7

Tia xxx