Life In Pictures: Life’s A Scoot


So, something big happened recently. We entered a new phase in our family life, and started leaving the house without a buggy, a suitcase-sized changing bag and four coats. And it felt good. Grayson has decided that he’s a big boy who doesn’t need a buggy, and now wants to scoot everywhere. So that’s exactly what we did recently.


We’ve lived in Brighton for eight years now and it’s embarrassing how rarely we make it down to the seafront, so heading down sans buggy was liberating. All we need now is a pair of adult scooters to catch up with the kids.


We headed to the undercliff at Saltdean as it’s nice and flat so Harper could teach Grayson how to scoot, or more correctly how to use the brake on a scooter. That didn’t really happen as she’s so quick he couldn’t keep up with her. He worked out his own way to slow down, which was to sit down whilst the scooter was still moving!

IMG_1896  IMG_1938

Harper has a real competitive streak, which can be problematic when we’re walking or scooting anywhere with anyone, as she always wants to win. Grayson didn’t seem to mind the endless scooting races Harper made him join in on as he spent the whole of them shouting ‘weeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ with one leg in the air.

IMG_1994 IMG_2016 IMG_2068IMG_1968

I’m coming to terms with the fact we no longer have a baby (even though he always will be) and have exchanged a cot for a bed and taken down the stair gates. Next on the list is potty training. Wish us luck!

~ Laura xx ~

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  1. This was exactly us last year. Over the past year he’s got better and better there is no stopping him now. Potty training happened and its joyful leaving the house without endless stuff!

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