Mini Makers: Rainbow Painting

rainbow painting 9

Whenever we craft, Harper’s favourite thing to make/paint/draw is rainbows. Now whilst I love rainbows, making them the focus of every craft project can get a tad dull, and it involves getting all the paint out, doing a rainbow in a minute flat, and then leaving me to clear up.

So when we had a long day of waiting in for a courier last week and whilst Grayson napped, Harper suggested we make a rainbow Father’s Day card. I fibbed and said the paintbrushes were in the wash and let’s see what else we can find to paint with. So we found a clean sponge, a random balloon lying around, and her hands and feet. And do you know what…? We had a lot of fun, and made a lot of mess!

You Will Need:

  • Child-friendly paint in rainbow colours
  • Kitchen sponge
  • Balloon
  • Paper
  • Hands and feet

rainbow painting 1

  1. For sponge painting you squirt a dollop of rainbow coloured paints into the middle of the sponge. Then on paper wipe the sponge in an arch shape to create a rainbow. We also experimented with stamping the sponge, and Harper really enjoyed making a repeating pattern of rainbow colours that resembled ice lollies!

rainbow painting 3 rainbow paiting 7
rainbow painting 5

2. For balloon painting, put paint in rainbow colours onto a dish and roll the end of the balloon into the colours. Then get stamping!

rainbow painting 2 rainbow painting little button diaries rainbow painting 8

We also experimented with hand and feet painting, which Harper loved. They didn’t quite go to plan because I painted the rainbow upside-down on her hands, and it turns out the arches on Harper’s feet were too high to get a satisfactory print. Oh well, at least the process was fun.

rainbow painting - little button diaries 2

~ Laura xx ~