Mini Makers: Easy Fairy Wings

fairy wings 5

These fairy wings are so easy! We LOVE a bit of sticky back plastic (AKA contact paper. Whatever TF that means). We use it a lot with our kids, along with double sided tape, because it allows kids to create a messy make without any glue or sticky yukky bits going all over everywhere. Mess-free-mess is our favourite kind of mess. You can make all sorts – suncatchers (and here) are a favourite of ours but as an alternative we made some fairy wings that you can actually wear. Mine wore hers all day, then had a massive meltdown in the evening because I wouldn’t let her wear them to bed. SO angelic.

fairy wings 6

You Will Need:

  • A4 sheets coloured card
  • sticky back plastic
  • scraps of tissue paper, sequins, feathers, glitter etc
  • string
  • hole punch

Fold a piece of A4 card in half and cut out a butterfly wing shape, including a border that’s about 5cm wide. Open it out and place it onto the sticky side of some sticky back plastic. Now decorate the wings by sprinkling on glitter and any other crafty bits you have to hand – tissue paper is fab because the light shines nicely through it.

Once you’re happy with the design (in Lilah’s case the “design” was just to tip the entire pot of craft bits onto the wings in one big mountain) place another piece of plastic on top, covering the whole thing and sealing in all the loose bits. Cut out the wings (leave about 5mm from the card to keep it stuck together!).

fairy wings 8

Hole punch the wings at the top and bottom, in the centre. Thread on string and tie to make straps.

fairy wings 9

As an alternative, my eldest wanted to make fairies – this is the same process but with a cut out doll shape in the centre, which she decorated with scraps of fabric.

fairy wings 7

This was the easiest craft for kids and I have to say they love their wings more than anything they’ve ever made. We made them a month ago and Lilah still wears her wings almost every day :-)

fairy wings 3

fairy wings 1

Tia x

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