Life in Pictures: Camping in a Heatwave

camping stoneywish 5

Last week, when it was hotter than the Maldives, we and our friends decided to go camping for the weekend. Which sounds like a little bit of a silly idea when I write it down, but actually it was really lovely. The only time it was the opposite of lovely was at the crack of dawn every morning, when I woke up in a pool of sweat feeling like I’d been hit by a sledgehammer due to the insane temperature of the tent. And both times I attempted to combat the situation by opening the tent. And both times that woke my kids up. Ugh.

camping stoneywish 26
Love those dopey morning faces.

camping stoneywish 18 camping stoneywish 17 camping stoneywish 6

We didn’t go very far, just to Stoneywish, a little nature reserve half an hour from where we live (ROCK. ON). It was very basic, no showers, no bins – which wasn’t annoying until we had to leave, driving off in 30 degree heat with a dusty stinky old barbeque on my lap. No bins! It’s quite wild, but it was perfect for us. I don’t mind not washing for a couple of days, that’s part of camping eh? You’re all stinky together so no one notices. I hope.

camping stoneywish 28 camping stoneywish 8 camping stoneywish 21 camping stoneywish 22

And weirdly the kids didn’t seem to mind the heat much. They sat in the car and played mummies and mummies happily for the most part. With the odd little “you are not my best friend anymore” end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it moment thrown in. I love the drama when you’re three. 100 catastrophic statements per day.

camping stoneywish 7camping stoneywish 20 camping stoneywish 4 camping stoneywish 2  camping stoneywish 1

Lilah loved squishing up to this little adorable button. He loved it less, but was very tolerant. Such a cutie.

camping stoneywish 15 camping stoneywish 25

And I’m getting rid of this dress. It’s one of only 2 sundresses I own (thanks, Marie Kondo!) and I thought it looked nice, until I saw me in pictures and I looked like a sausage. Bye dress!

camping stoneywish 9 camping stoneywish 27

Have a lovely week!

Tia xxx