4 Years of Blogging

Tia and Laura

Holy Crap. No, really??? Four years? Well, apparently! Weird, when you’ve been doing something so long that you can’t imagine what you’d be doing with your life if you weren’t doing it (and don’t want to) and yet it feels like only a tiny time ago we were walking along the street bouncing around (crap) ideas for our blog, with just two little babies in tow. Four kids now. Four kids, four years.

But then we’ve been friends for 16, and that feels ridiculous too. 16 years since we started chatting whilst waiting for our Italian class to start. We became friends because we knew instantly that we were the two crappest people in the class. And we bonded because we both fancied our Italian teacher (Mr Luca. Yum). We skipped classes to go to Topshop, and we had a fit of giggles in our oral exam (they put us together which was beyond idiotic) because we had no clue what they were saying to us. No clue whatsoever. We failed Italian, but we’ve been buddies ever since.

We’ve moved through three cities, twelve houses, six books, four kids and 9,345 cups of tea and we’re still friends – friends who began blogging together and now friends who work together. And we couldn’t have done that without you. Your support and encouragement over the past four has meant the world to us and our Buttons. We thought we’d have run out of craft ideas by now but we’ve still got a few more up our sleeves!

~ Tia & Laura xx ~

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