Rainbow Stacked Necklace 🌈

rainbow clay necklace 8
Saturday was London’s Pride parade, so in honour of all things rainbow wonderful, we thought we would make this little polymer clay necklace. Its made from stacked polymer clay and, like everything I ever do, it’s really easy!

rainbow clay necklace 11

You will need:

  • Pink, blue, yellow polymer clay (e.g. fimo)
  • metal fork/spoon
  • tin foil
  • cocktail stick
  • 80cm pink, yellow and blue embroidery thread
  • needle

1. Begin by rolling each piec of clay out between two sheets of clingfilm (this will prevent the clay from sticking to our rolling pin/worksurface, keep it nice and clean, allow you to move it about  and see the thickness more easily. Boom). Cut small strips of fimo – a piece of pink measuring 40x 5mm, yellow measuring 35 x 5mm, blue measuring 30 x 5mm. Use a cocktail stick to make a large hole in the centre of each.

rainbow clay necklace 1

2. Preheat the oven to 110 degrees. Wrap the blue piece around the end of a fork handle, to create an arc.

rainbow clay necklace 2

3. Place a small piece of tin foil neatly over the blue clay (try to ensure the foil is not creased as this will imprint on the clay). Wrap the yellow clay over the top of the blue, sandwiching in the foil. Ensure the ends of each arc meet up. Repeat for the pink clay. Place the fork on a backing tray and bake for 30 minutes. Allow to cool completely.

rainbow clay necklace 3rainbow clay necklace 4

4. Take 3 strands of pink, yellow and blue embroidery thread, measuring 80cm. Lay them alongside one another and tie them together in the centre. Use a needle to feed the embroidery thread one at a time through the hole from the bottom so that the knot sits underneath the rainbow.

rainbow clay necklace 7

5. Tie the ends together to create a necklace, and you’re all finished and can now go and sing a rainbow and listen with your eyes and all those other lyrics that I never did (and still don’t) understand. rainbow clay necklace 9 rainbow clay necklace 10 rainbow clay necklace 13

Tia x

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