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felt medical kit DIY

So I’ll be honest, I made this felt medical bag, name badge and hat way back in 2015 for Harper as a Christmas present. When I stayed up late lovingly stitching it, I thought she’d treasure it, as she loved playing doctors at this point. On Christmas Day, she ripped open the wrapping paper, took a millisecond of a look, and tossed it aside for something plastic that made a tune and lit up.

So ever since then it’s been hidden in a drawer under what can only be described as the most random assortment of dressing up items (different helmet, white boiler suit, Hawaiian skirt and three pairs of binoculars).

Grayson is in a completely destructive phase at the moment and whilst emptying the content of said drawer he discovered the medical kit and proclaimed that it was his best friend and he luuuuurrrvvvedd it.

So it’s finally getting played with by the kids. Actually, let me correct that: it’s the new toy that they currently argue over and don’t want to share.

You Will Need:

  • Four A4 sheets grey felt
  • Scraps of red and white felt
  • Black and red embroidery thread
  • Grey, white and red sewing thread
  • Rivets kit and hammer
  • Red cotton tape
  • Thin silver elastic


  1. Begin by cutting your pieces out of felt. You will need to cut the following:
  • Front and back of bag – cut two rectangles measuring 10.5 x 7.5 inches
  • Base of bag – cut one rectangle measuring 10.5 x 3 inches
  • For the side panels – cut two rectangles measuring 7.5 x 3 inches
  • For the handles – cut two rectangles measuring 12 x 1 ½ inches

You do not need to incorporate any seam allowance.


2. Pin and sew the side pieces of felt to the front piece.

medicalkit6 medicalkit8

3. Pin the base panel to the front and sides of the bag and sew in place. Then sew the back panel onto the sides and base.

medicalkit10 medicalkit12

4. Pin the handles to the bag. One goes across the front and the other across the back. I positioned mine 3 inches in from the side of the bag and 1.5 inches down from the top. Sew in place by sewing a square and then a cross inside the square to reinforce the handle.

medicalkit13 medicialkitg

5. Cut a white circle 8 inches in diameter and sew onto the front of the bag using white thread. Then cut out a red cross the same size as the circle and sew onto the top of the circle using red thread either by hand or on a sewing machine.

To make the name badge:

1. Begin by cutting out two pieces of grey felt measuring 3 x 3.5 inches. Cut two white circles measuring 1 inch in diameter, a smaller red cross and two watch shapes out of grey felt.

medicalkiti medicalkitj

2. To make the watch, sew one of the white circles onto one of the grey watch shapes. Then using black embroidery thread sew a clock face (see the picture as a reference). Then sew the two grey watch pieces together back to back.

   medicalkit9 medicalkit1a

3. .Then sew the other white circle onto the top left hand corner of the name badge with the red cross on top. Add your little doctor’s name by hand. I used back stitch and a French knot for this. Add the watch on the right hand side, sewing it along the top only. Finally sew the two larger pieces of grey felt together so all the stitching is concealed.

toy medical kit

To make the hat:


  1. Begin by drawing a template on paper. I went for a rectangle 5 inches wide, with a pointed top. Pin the template to the grey felt and cut out two of them. Sew the two pieces together.


2. Cut out a white circle 2 inches in diameter and a smaller red cross. Sew them in place in the middle of the hat.

felt medical kit diy - little button diaries

3. For the final touches, use a rivet kit as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Add one rivet to the top of the name badge and one on each side of the hat. Tie the silver elastic onto the hat and the red cotton tape onto the name badge.

 Harper really loves playing doctors and has enlisted Grayson as her nurse. I’m not sure she’s fully qualified yet as she keeps giving me injections in my ear and can fix anything with a Star Wars plaster.

 ~ Laura xx ~

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