Mini Tassel Jewellery

mini tassel jewellery 6

As you may know, Laura and I have the teeeeeniest of obsessions with tassels. And pom poms. We put them onto most things we make, knowing that our kids will in all likelihood look back at us and laugh at our dodgy lampshade attire. But still, we aint finished with them yet. And so – all hail MINI tassels! On a necklace! In ten minutes!

You will need:

  • Sewing thread in 3 colours
  • necklace
  • fork

1. To make a tassel, wind a piece of sewing thread around a fork 20-30 times. Tie tightly to secure around the first prong (ooh, prong. Good word. Took me a while to find it in my brain. It was ‘thingy’ for a long time) of the fork.

mini tassel jewellery 1 mini tassel jewellery 2

2. Pull the thread off the the fork and wind contrasting thread around the knot until you get a good sized band of it. Tie to secure.

mini tassel jewellery 3

3. Cut through the loops of the thread to create a tassel. Trim it to the desired length.

mini tassel jewellery 4

4. Make a few more tassels to match and simply thread onto a necklace. Done! Whooooop.

mini tassel jewellery 5mini tassel jewellery 7mini tassel jewellery 11

Tia x