10 Summer Crafts for Kids

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As the summer holidays creep on without a huge amount of sun, we’ve been looking for as many ways as possible to entertain our kids. We always head to the craft cupboard, so we thought we’d ask guest blogger Annabelle Short from Wunderlabel to tell us her top 10 ideas for summer crafting with kids. Below are some fab ideas for crafty and not-so-crafty mums!

Annabelle Says:

One of our favorite things to do while the kids are at home for the summer is crafting and it’s even better when you know they are gaining valuable skills from it. For a small amount of money, a summer craft can keep the kids occupied for hours.

Hand them some stickers, a little wool, some glue, buttons and paper and before you know it they will have a masterpiece put together. Sometimes we like to just give them totally random objects and just let them go to town. Have you noticed how interesting and satisfying it is to just watch their little wheels turn and see what becomes of their creative ideas? Other times I enjoy doing a specific craft with the kids. Not only is it an opportunity for us to bond, but we also are making something useful – a kite, a place mark for their summer reading books, or a pencil holder for when school starts back. In addition, they are also learning to follow instructions. Crafting gives kids a chance to see how a list of instructions can transform into a toy or a piece of artwork when properly followed.

Here are a few must-make summer crafts to do with your kids:

1. An adorable mobile.Most kids won’t remember that cute little mobile you had above their crib as a child, but you can refresh their memory as you make a new one for their “big kid bed.” With just a little bit of wool, some paper, scissors, and glue you will have all the materials you need to make a comforting masterpiece to go above their bed. This weather mobile from Buggy and Buddy is so sweet.


2. Milk carton bird feeder.Simply cut out a small square in the front that allows birds to come inside, let your child decorate the outside however they please and find the perfect place for it outside once you have filled the bottom with bird seed. This one from Red Ted Art is great.


3. Tie-dyed t-shirt.Personally, this was my favorite craft as a child. It was one of those things I thought looked so cool and I always wondered how anyone could possibly do it. But once I learned how easy it was, it became my new favorite summer craft. This article from parents.com will show you all you need to know.


4. Clothespeg caterpillars.This craft is a fun way to make the perfect hanger for their next painting! You can also use these later on in the laundry room – showcasing their craft. All you need are clothespegs, some fuzzy poms, googly eyes and some glue. Try these ones from Jamie Sanders


Paper plate frisbee: Cut a hole in the center of the paper plate, let them decorate the surrounding area, and bam – your new frisbee is ready to go! This one from Crafts by Amanda is great.


Popsicle stick aeroplane: While we’re discussing all things that fly, why not try this popsicle plane by Factory Direct Craft.


Stained glass jars: These also happen to make the perfect gifts for grandma – add some fresh flowers from the garden and you are sure to warm her heart. Have a look at these ones from Mom Spark


Homemade ice cream.Of course, amongst all the art, you need to squeeze in a little tasty treat. Have fun together in the kitchen churning up some homemade ice cream, like this amazing recipe for freezer bag ice cream by Pop Sugar


Paper bag masks.Let your child design their own superhero on a paper bag mask and they can instantly become them when they put it on. Or try these lovely woodland masks by Handmade Charlotte. This is a great craft to really get their little brain working and wandering.


Stained-glass bookmarks.Summer reading is an annual occurrence in our house and these stained-glass bookmarks from Mum in the Mad House are a great way to encourage them to read.


Happy summer crafting!

Annabelle x

Annabelle Short is a writer and seamstress of more than 5 years. She loves making crafts and DIY projects with her two children, Leo (age 9) and Michelle (age 11). Annabelle splits her time between London and Los Angeles and writes for Wunderlabel. If you wanna talk about her handmade creations, you can reach her at craftwithannabelle@gmail.com