Life in Pictures

stanmer house 2

We had a lovely day meeting up in Stanmer Park this week – it’s such a great place to just flop around on the grass whilst your kids fight over who has the frisbee (luckily we have learned to completely tune them out). If you’re local to Brighton and have kids we’d really recommend Stanmer Park as a place to take kids over the holidays – they have loads of events happening every day. We went to a hip hop class!

stanmer house 3stanmer house 4 stanmer house 5

Look at them being all silent waiting for their sandwiches. The only time they were calm (the only time 3 of them were calm at least!) We had a little picnic in the rain and huddled under a tree.


    stanmer house 8 stanmer house 9stanmer house 6

We also got one hot day last week. An actual HOT day! Or a hot afternoon at least. We headed straight for the sea and had a good dunk.

seaford swimming 2

seaford swimming 4 seaford swimming 5

     Tia x