Life In Pictures: Pembrokeshire Part 2


We’ve spent most of the summer in anywhere but Brighton trying to cram in as much fun before Harper starts school in September. We spent a week in a cottage in Pembrokeshire with my brother and his girlfriend, both of whom the kids adore. I think they actually love them more than us at times!! I tend to be really snap-happy on holiday (who am I kidding, I’m like that all the time!) and shared the first part of the holiday in my last Life In Pictures.


If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that both Tia and I love National Trust properties so when we’re away we try to visit a local one. We went to Colby Woodland Gardens on a drizzly day and just mooched about. The kids got to do a lot of climbing, playing on rope swings and running around in a stream. We then found a campfire where Harper insisted on telling scary stories, and putting ash on her face and everyone else’s.


We also went to St Davids. Next to the Cathedral is the Bishops Palace, which is basically a big old pile of ruins. Or, to my kids, the very best place to play knights and dragons. We spent a long time watching them charge around the grounds and having a riot.


Harper also seems to think any empty space is an open stage where she can perform her ‘bal-let’. She’s been going to ballet for a few years now and doesn’t need any excuse to bust her moves out. It’s sweet to watch her ungracefully fling herself around. I hope she never loses that ability to express herself without a care in the world.

IMG_8997   IMG_9033

IMG_9058 IMG_9034

We also stopped into the Cathedral itself, where Harper wanted to get married to Grayson, and then went for the best ice cream in town. I’m not an ice cream fan particularly, but this stuff was g-o-o-d.


We left Pembrokeshire and took a long drive in the pouring rain to Norfolk for a weekend of celebrations for Nanna Jan’s 70th birthday party. We hung out with family and ate a lot of good party food (thanks M&S!). Grayson thought a family party was the best place to take his trousers and nappy off and wander around with a naked bottom. Every time we got him dressed again, he just whipped them off again!

 IMG_9275 IMG_9196

So we covered a whole chunk of the country in a week, had good times and ate way too much cake and ice cream and hopefully made some memories the kids will look back on! If not I’ll point them to this blog post!

~ Laura xx ~