Mini Makers: DIY Stamping Kit

little button diaries - foam stamps DIY

We’re sharing another project from our Big Book of 100 Activities today, and this one is a really simple idea for something that is fun to make, fun to play with and reusable. Triple boom. Kids can draw and cut out their own stamps then use them with ink pads to make their own pictures.

You will need (for about 10-15 stamps):

  • 1 x A4 sheet of craft foam
  • Corrugated card
  • Double sided tape (or glue – see step 1)
  • Narrow duct/masking tape (about 1in wide)
  • stamp pad

1. Cut a strip of foam across the width of the sheet, about a quarter of the way up. Attach pieces of double-sided tape to one side of the strip so that it is entirely covered.  (note: you could skip this step and glue the foam shapes on instead, but we found the stamps were more sturdy and broke less with the tape).

foam stamps_1

2. On the other side of the taped foam, draw some simple silhouette shapes for the stamps. These will need to be about 1.5in (4cm) in size. Cut these out.

foam stamps_2

3. Draw and cut 5cm (2in) squares from corrugated card – you’ll need one for each foam shape. Peel the backing off the foam and stick the shapes onto the corrugated squares.

foam stamps_3

4. Take a piece of duct tape measuring roughly 2.5in (6cm). Pinch it in the middle to create a little handle then stick each end to the back of the corrugated squares.

foam stamps_5

5. That’s it, you can make as many stamps as you like and keep adding to your collection!

foam stamps_7

foam stamps_6

You could also use your stamps with paints like we did above. Bear in mind you’ll get a splodgier effect and will need to clean the stamps afterwards. If you fancy looking at the other books we’ve written you can see them all in our books page.

~ Tia & Laura xx ~