Easy Neon Lights

star neon light 1

I saw a few ideas for cheap alternatives to fancy expensive neon lights over on Pinterest, so I thought I would have a go at making my own version. And I thought I’d share some of the other ace ideas I saw, that probably make my own makes look totally rubbish!

All you need to buy is some EL Wire – which you can get pretty cheaply from Amazon. It’s a thin neon cable attached to a battery pack and, whilst the effect isn’t as dramatic as neon tube lighting, it makes a pretty effective night light. I attempted two versions – a neon cloud and a star.

cloud neon light 3

For the cloud, it was a little more complicated. I bent some thick copper wire into a cloud shape using pliers (I tried a flamingo first and decided that was waaaaaay over ambitious) then glued the cable around the cloud using my trusty glue gun. It was a little tricky, but I liked the effect in the end. The only problem was that the cable turned out to be faulty and now only flashes, turning my littlest one’s bedroom into a slightly annoying (and a bit scary) thunderstorm effect cloud. So she hates it.

cloud neon light 1

cloud neon light 2

Take 2, the star, was really easy. I measured out a star shape on Amelie’s bedroom wall, then hammered nails into each of the points and corners. Then all I needed to do was start from the bottom nail and wrap the wire around the star tightly to produce the effect I wanted.

star neon light 2star neon light 3

star neon light 1

Having had a little look on the web at some other DIY neon lights, here are my favourites:

This absolutely scrummy tutorial for an ice cream light is in french but I reckon you could follow it from the pictures. From Make My Lemonade (one of my fave blogs).


This giant bulb neon light by I Spy DIY is proper cool isn’t it. I wish I’d thought of it.


Shrimp Salad Circus,  another super cool blog, came up with this lovely cactus version. Cacti are still a massive trend in the crafting world and we love them. Laura upcycled some kiddie shoes with cacti embroidery and it was all kinds of awesome.


HGTV have a great Youtube tutorial for a neon Love sign. I like the idea of doing it on a canvas, kinda wish I’d thought of that before a bit!


This one might be my favourite from Hometalk.


Are you feeling all neon now? I want more! I think a neon sign would be great, if I can just think of something non-cheesey to write.

Tia x

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  1. Oh wow, I’ve never heard of this neon wire before, so many possibilities! I love your star and cloud, such a shame that the cloud upset your daughter!

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