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Los Angeles 18

Just back from my holiday in California and I’m sulking in my being-home-is-turd bubble. The bubble that just pisses everyone else off and makes you look bloody ungrateful for your holiday. Which I’m not – my trip was awesome and I’ll probably never get one like it again (waaaaaaaail). Because this holiday was one I took WITHOUT my kids. They went to my (amazing, kind and wonderful) parents, whilst me and George guiltily (guiltily until my second gin at the airport. Then WAHOOO kicked in) flew off to LA for a road trip to San Fransisco.

Los Angeles 6

The thing is, me and he have never had a holiday before, without kids. And I’ve always envied people that got to do that. So when my parents asked if they could take the kids camping for a week I jumped on that opportunity and booked the most un-kid-friendly holiday before they got to change their minds. Suckerrrrs. And I did miss the girls, yes, so much I could feel it burn my chest sometimes. But I didn’t feel bad about it. It’s good to miss your kids sometimes, right?! I don’t think I get to miss mine enough!

So here are some pics from the first leg of my trip, From LA up to Santa Barbara.

hollywood walk of fame 4

hollywood walk of fame 1 hollywood walk of fame 3

Obviously had to head straight to the walk of fame, which was ace, but kinda just a pavement with stars on it. I’m not sure I totally get it. But one benefit of our jetlag was that we were out by 6am for the first few mornings, so this was Hollywood Boulevard 28 Days Later style. Deserted. Even Marylin Monroe was on her own (until I posed awkwardly next to her)!

hollywood 2

So then the Hollywood Sign, which felt so surreal. I loved it, it was like being on a movie set. I kept thinking how boring the kids would find this day – walking up a pavement with stars on it, then standing for ages and looking at a bloody sign. It made me feel a bit better about leaving them at home.

hollywood 4

hollywood 5

Bad hair, erm, do care. This is the day I wrote myself a reminder that Frizz Ease should be in the holiday essentials list. I get a vision of Ronald McDonald when my hair goes a-frizzing. It’s not the look I’m going for.

  Los Angeles 2 Los Angeles 1

Frigging awesome burgers at Mess Hall Kitchen. I ate so much this trip. My jeans actually didn’t fit by the end. And this sign made me giggle. Parents, if you ever need an excuse to leave the playground, LA got a great one.

Santa Barbara 6Santa Barbara 7 Santa Barbara 8

Beer tasting, which was George’s favourite thing to do. To me, they all tasted pretty horrible, I decided I definitely do not like ale. I thought I’d include the zombie pic (which was a second later rather than 8 pints later as it appears) because it shows what I look like in most photos!

Los Angeles 5 Los Angeles 13

Such a dull picture of a gate there but this is only Friggin’ Bob DYLAN’S Gate!! To his house! Not gonna lie, this was actually the best moment of the entire trip. Semi-stalking my idol. We drove past, took a stealth photo, panicked a bit that he probably wouldn’t appreciate the snap (and no one wants to get bollocked by Bob), drove away, realised the pic was blurry, drove back for take two. SO yeah basically, I’ve been to Bob Dylan’s house twice yo.

Los Angeles 11 Los Angeles 7Los Angeles 3

Selfies with an SLR are not easy. And make you look like an even bigger twit. I never quite mastered it.

 Los Angeles 9 Los Angeles 10

Hence the hair.

Los Angeles 14

We only had two days in LA, and for me I think I was ready to go after that. Does that sound mean? Sorry LA! I liked it, I just didn’t fall in love with it. Santa Barbara was gorgeous though – classy, cool, arty…and made me feel really frumpy.

Los Angeles 17Los Angeles 15 Santa Barbara 14Santa Barbara 13 Santa Barbara 15  Santa Barbara 17

Went to a drive-in movie! It was the one thing I really wanted to do, I’ve always loved the idea of a drive-in. It was amazing. Although the film was a horror about a scary doll which left me feeling terrified the entire night. I hate horror films. But horror films in a car in the dark? Sh***ing myself.

Santa Barbara 1 Santa Barbara 12Santa Barbara 9

Santa Barbara 3

Ah so that’s it, part one of my photo overload is over, hope it wasn’t too boring. It is very odd for me being in so many pictures and having none of the kids. I don’t like myself in pictures, not one bit. bleurgh.

Tia x

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