Life In Pictures: The End Of Summer

little button diaries - Pepworth House National Trust

See ya next time, summer holidays.

This summer has been so busy for us. We’ve not spent a huge amount of time in Brighton without plans. We’ve been clinging onto the last days of summer for a few weeks now and have been in that funny limbo state between the holidays and the start of school. We have had no routine and haven’t known what day it is, and it’s all about to change again on Wednesday. Wednesday is Harper’s first day of school. Big milestone.

So before we head up to the school starting line, we’ve been packing in as much family time as we could. Just down the road from us, Saltdean Lido recently reopened and I’d been waiting for a free weekend that was vaguely warm to go and try it out.

The first free Sunday morning that wasn’t raining we went down there.

salt dean lido - little button diaries

No words needed for this photo! I think it could be his album cover artwork when he’s a rockstar.

salt dean lido - little button diaries

Despite the sun being out, it was a bit nippy in the pool – especially for me, as Harper wouldn’t let me swim for the best part of an hour, as she wanted me to watch her climb out, jump in and repeat.

salt dean lido - little button diariessalt dean lido - little button diaries

Totally didn’t see the ‘no photos’ sign until after I’d finished snapping! Whoops!

petworth house - little button diaries

We’ve been to a lot of National Trust places this summer. Like. A. Lot. If there was a spare afternoon, off we went. It was the pull of scones and a lot of space for the kids to run around that kept us going back. We’ve also been working through National Trust’s 50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4 activities and managed to tick off 21 over the summer.


We have very few photos of the four of us, so I tried a good old self-timer selfie, and what a wonky disaster it was. I straightened out the wonk but couldn’t edit in the smiles on the little ones!

leogland - little button diaries

Since the beginning of the summer, Harper had the idea that she wanted to go to Legoland, CBeebies Land and Peppa Pig World (for Grayson!) all in one day. So we ticked the first one off her list with Nanna and Grandpa.

leogland - little button diaries leogland - little button diariesleogland - little button diaries  leogland - little button diaries

We loved Miniland and Lego Valley the most. Weeks later the kids are still talking about the fire engine they got to ride on in Lego Valley, where they got to spray water at a ‘burning’ building. Honestly, it was the first thing Grayson told people about for a good week afterwards. As soon as we got in the car to go home, Harper said “which one are we going to now… Peppa Pig World or CBeebies Land?!”

So that was the end of our final pre-school summer. Wow, that’s a big sentence. We’ve got 48 hours til our school journey with Harper begins.

~ Laura xx ~