Life in Pictures: San Fransisco

San Fransisco 15

Sorry, me again, boring the pants off you with my hoards of holiday snaps. This is part two (of TWO. I promise!), where we travelled from Santa Barbara up the Big Sur coastline to San Fransisco. If you’re thinking of a trip to California, this route would be top of my list. San Fransisco is beautiful. And expensive ($15 dollars for a Toblerone. Wowzers.)

San Fransisco 8

In San Fran we stayed at Hotel Zephyr, one of the coolest hotels I’ve ever been to. Complete with gamesroom and a game I became a teeny bit obsessed with: Shuffleboard. Heard of it? Its ace! Like mini curling, without the sweepy bit. Or the ice… Anyway, I was crap at it, but I still wanted to play it on repeat.

Alcatraz 9 shuffleboardSan Fransisco 7
San Fransisco a
San Fransisco 10

I loved the straight steep roads. I have many road photos, but luckily, I’m just sharing the one! And yes, I stood in the middle of the traffic to photograph them.

San Fransisco 21 San Fransisco 19carmel california 3

And Alcatraz, which is all kinds of epic eerrie awesome. Al Capone was locked up there, apparantly. Which really confused me, as I thought Al Capone was fictional. And then I felt really thick. And now for some reason I’m sharing this.

 Alcatraz 10

Down from San Fransisco, to the Big Sur, Monteray to Santa Cruz. Full of wildlife – pelicans, elephant seals, sea otters. We drove along what the guidewook described as “the most beautiful motorway anywhere” – in dense fog. Couldn’t even see the road, let alone the sea.

Big Sur 7 Big Sur 6 Big Sur 10pelicans in the fog 3

pelicans in the fog 2Redwoods redwoods 4

And Redwoods. Not the giant ones sadly, but still pretty damn big. With me taking knobby photos, all the time. Poor George, he’s always waiting for me whilst I take zillions of ‘arty’ photos of trees, walls, roads… he puts up with a lot.

carmel california 5

Big Sur 14
Trying to pretend it’s warm enough to have the top down in our car. Can you see the towel reflected in my sunglasses? I wrapped it round my legs. Style and comfort.

Tia x