Unicorn Popcorn

unicorn popcorn - little button diaries

Normally by this point in the year we’re on the countdown to Christmas but this year, in Harper’s opinion, we’ve got something much bigger to countdown to… the release of the My Little Pony film. Yes my folks, those little unicorns are on the big screen next month. So in preparation we’ve been making unicorn popcorn as an after-school treat and having a Friday-night movie night. Anyone else do this as an end of the week treat when they were kids?

You will need:

  • Sweet popcorn
  • Pink candy melt
  • Edible glitter in a few colours
  • Sprinkles / 100s and 1000s

This is so easy to throw together and something the kids now badger me for during the rest of the week.

unicorn popcorn - little button diaries

  1. Melt the candy melt as per the instructions on the packet. You can use white chocolate and add a few drops of food colouring but the colour isn’t as vivid once the chocolate hardens.

unicorn popcorn - little button diaries

2. Stir in the popcorn and throw in as much glitter and sprinkles as you like.

unicorn popcorn

3. Pop the popcorn in the fridge for the chocolate to harden. Break it up into smaller pieces if you have a clump of popcorn together. Transfer into a popcorn box and enjoy! I fibbed and said the popcorn was made out of unicorn poo so we couldn’t eat too much of it at a time and Harper went into school the next day and told her teacher that her favourite thing to eat was unicorn poo. Whoops!

unicorn popcorn - little button diaries

What are your favourite films to watch with your little ones? As we’ve got a month to go before MLP Day (that should totally be a national holiday!), we need some good suggestions to watch on the box.

~ Laura xx ~