Life In Pictures: Dreamland With Snazaroo

Dreamland and Snazaroo 27

A few weeks ago we got an exciting email which we thought was a hoax to begin with! The lovely people at Snazaroo invited us for a day at Dreamland in Margate. We’ve been wanting to go for a year and thought we’d missed our chance for this year.

dreamland and snazaroo - little button diaries dreamland and snazaroo - little button diaries

And we LOVE Snazaroo. When Tia was little, she used to spend every weekend painting her face as a different character from her Snazaroo face painting book. Yes, she was a really cool kid. Walking round Kwiksave painted as the hulk = living the dream.

dreamland and snazaroo - little button diaries Dreamland and Snazaroo 5

Snazaroo are the Queen of face paint and the kids got treated to a super exciting box of face paint goodies to take home. They all were so excited about their paints that they couldn’t wait to try them out the following day.

dreamland and snazaroo - little button diaries
There’s some odd in-joke going on in the pic above here. Someone did a funny!

dreamland and snazaroo - little button diaries  Dreamland and Snazaroo 22Dreamland and Snazaroo 14

It was the first time we’ve all met up in a while, with the Mr Buttons at least, and we had a blast. We’ve been pretty bogged down (or blogged down! Ha! Dad, look!) with deadlines recently, spending a lot of time working and not chatting about anything real, so being Tia and Laura for the day was a nice break – and Dreamland was the perfect place to do it.

Dreamland and Snazaroo 9

Dreamland and Snazaroo 25 Dreamland and Snazaroo 12Dreamland and Snazaroo 20

dreamland and snazaroo - little button diaries Dreamland and Snazaroo 21

Dreamland is an Instagram’s dream. There is so many colours, retro signage and pretty-looking rides and food vans. We took a bazillion photos – actually got home and realised we had loads of identical ones!

Dreamland and Snazaroo 6

Dreamland and Snazaroo 13 Dreamland and Snazaroo 10

Thanks so much for inviting us Snazaroo – we had such an awesome time at Dreamland. We ran out of time to get onto the roller disco, so we’re coming back. Soon!

Dreamland and Snazaroo 24

IMG_2234 Dreamland and Snazaroo 31

~ Laura & Tia xx ~

P.S if you like face painting, like our Tia does (renewed love!), check out the Snazaroo Website, it’s bloomin awesome! Loads of ideas, tips and instructions for how to paint faces. Just got totally lost in there whilst adding the links to this post.