Flamingo Nail Art

Flamingo nail art 11

Oh we do love a flamingo here at Little Button Diaries. We did a whole flamingo craft round up last year, and Laura made an ace flamingo print bag. Aaaand now I’ve said flamingo so many times the word looks foreign. Lilah calls them falingos, and I’m unashamedly not correcting her so that she stays little longer. In fact now call them that too, which is a bit embarrassing. 

So I made her some flamingo wall art (man was that a big and unnecessary build up). Nails, string and a bit of wood. I LOVE it. Wanna make one too?

Flamingo nail art 10

Then you’ll need:

  • 30cm square plywood (I bought this one)
  • white paint
  • hammer and nails
  • pink and black sewing thread
  • superglue
  • tape
  • picture hanger disc (like this)

1. Begin by painting the wooden board white, and leave to dry. Draw a basic flamingo silhouette, or print one  from google images if you prefer. It should be about 20cm tall. Cut out and tape to the centre of your board.

Flamingo nail art 1

2. Hammer your first nail on one of the points on the flamingo, like the tail. Make sure the nail is straight and sturdy, but it should only go a little way into the wood – mine were sticking out by about 1.5cm. Hammer nails in at each corner or angle on the flamingo, to build the basic shape.

Flamingo nail art 2

3. Fill the outline with nails, spaced about 1cm apart. Then remove the paper and tape.

Flamingo nail art 3

Flamingo nail art 4

4. Now for some colour. With the thread still on the reel, wind it onto one of the nails and tie it in place.

Flamingo nail art 5

5. From this starting nail, pull the thread taut, wind it twice around the next nail along, and back to the first one. Then repeat to the next nearest nail, keeping the thread taut. Repeat going back and forth until you have threaded all the points within reach of the starting nail. You don’t want to be bending the thread round any corners.

Flamingo nail art 6

6. Now pull the thread to the next nail and repeat the process. Basically, you want to make sure that all the nails within reach of one another are connected. Use black thread for the beak and legs. If you get bored or need a cuppa, use tape to temporarily hold the thread to the board (you do not want that bad boy getting loose. Oh no no).

Flamingo nail art 7

7. Once the whole thing is covered in colour (and it’s a very therapeutic process!), you can now sort loose ends by wrapping them onto a nail and adding a blob of superglue to seal.

Flamingo nail art 9

8. Finally, glue a picture hanger to the back. And you’re flamingo is flinaly flinished!

Flamingo nail art 12

Tia x