Life In Pictures: Swimming With Rebecca Adlington

swimming with baby annabell rebecca adlington 13

Ask us what we did last weekend, go on, ask us, ask us!!!!!! Oh alright then, as you asked. It was just a regular kinda day. The usual stuff.  We just went to London, you know, to have a swimming lesson with Olympic gold medalist Rebecca Adlington. In the Olympic pool! (Yeh, the photo above totally ruins that build up..)

swimming with baby annabell rebecca adlington 12 swimming with baby annabell rebecca adlington 10
How awesome is that!!! We were so uncool when we got the email inviting us to come, and we were even more uncool when we met Rebecca. It was like meeting a mythical princess, she was beautiful and so lovely. Instantly someone who goes onto your ultimate-friend wish list. We were invited as part of campaign to launch the new Baby Annabell Learns to Swim doll. We’ll be doing a review post on the doll later on in the week so look out for that if you’re interested.

IMG_2454 IMG_2547

swimming with baby annabell rebecca adlington 6 swimming with baby annabell rebecca adlington 9
We made slight idiots out of ourselves with a minor misunderstanding of the event. See, WE thought we were going in the pool too. With the kids. So, like a pair of absolute wallies, we emerged from the changing rooms in our most mummy swimming costumes only to find that no other parent was changed for swimming and that the parents weren’t supposed to get in too…. But it was too late to get changed, so in we trotted, using our kids to try and block our thighs a bit. We looked like a pair of plonkers standing on the side taking photos in swimming costumes! See, this pic. Its the worst one of both of us (we wore no makeup because SWIMMING) but we thought we’d take it to share how awkward we look.


Despite that, the lesson was fantastic. Rebecca and swimming instructor Donna got the kids so engaged and excited about splashing around. They were all so focused and actually swimming.

swimming with baby annabell rebecca adlington 14This was the moment Lilah asked Rebecca if she can swim faster than her daddy. She said she can absolutely guarantee she can. She might be right. But I reckon he’d beat her at a bombing comp.

swimming with baby annabell rebecca adlington 18

They went to bed snuggling up to their Baby Annabell dolls and got up the next day ridiculously early as Baby Annabell had a swimming lesson. We guess when you’re an Olympic swimmer you have to get up at five and be in the pool (or the bath!) early…. right Becky?!

swimming with baby annabell rebecca adlington 16swimming with baby annabell rebecca adlington 19

There are days when we feel so happy and grateful for the things we get to do as a result of our blog (there are days on the opposite end of the spectrum too, believe us!) and last saturday was just that – we had THE best day. Thank you so much to Carousel PR and Rebecca for inviting us. You made the kids day/week/month/year with the lesson and their Baby Annabells. We’ll remember it forever.

swimming with baby annabell rebecca adlington 17

~ Laura & Tia xx ~