Baby Annabell Learns to Swim

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Our kids were so lucky to have been given a Baby Annabell Learns to Swim doll after their swimming lesson with Rebecca Adlington a couple of weeks ago – all four of them felt like Christmas had come early and they couldn’t be more in love with their new babies. So we thought we would do a little review of the dolls in addition to our post about the swimming.

baby annabel learns to swim review

Away from water, Baby Annabell makes little happy cooing sounds and is like a regular doll. BUT putting her in water is when the magic happens (and discovering this for the first time was actually way more exciting than we thought it would be, sad as that may be). Annabell makes different splashy sounds and starts to wiggle her arms and legs, like she’s paddling or splashing about in the water.  She comes with a cute little swimming costume, towel, and some adorable little arm-bands (that are a teensy bit tricky to blow up to be honest. Just leave them inflated!).


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We have been so surprised that every single one of our children is still totally obsessed with their dolls after a few weeks. Normally new toys have a short novelty time of about 3 days before they just become another one of a zillion in a pile, but these dolls are still trending good and strong!

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 The kids have taken them to into every single bathtime (every. single. one) and have cuddled them to sleep every night. Grayson calls his doll ‘Baby Annababybel’ which is too cute to correct! Tia had the epic idea of naming one of the dolls Anna and the other Belle but neither child wanted to go with that, so we just have two identity-challenged Annabells. Two Annabells that keep getting mixed up because they also refuse to agree to giving them each a monogrammed sharpie foot tattoo.

baby Annabel review

These dolls retail at around £50, which we thought was a little steep before we had the dolls, but now we have them, it makes more sense. A lot of thought has gone into these dolls, they’re beautifully made, good and heavy and sturdy. We’ve already been looking for clothes and accessories for our Annabells. Although those luxuries will have to wait for Christmas as they cost more than real baby clothes!

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Thanks so much to Carousel PR and Rebecca Adlington for the dolls. You can buy an Annabell Learns to Swim doll here.

~ Tia & Laura & Amelie & Harper & Lilah & Grayson xx ~

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